Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Accessory Crush: Diane Lockhart

all photos from The Good Wife courtesy

Okay, I suppose if you want to get technical about it, it is a fictional character accessory crush, but a crush is a crush if you ask me. Much attention has been paid to costume designer Daniel Lawson's very successful ability to create covetable, chic working wardrobes for the female characters on American network CBS's The Good Wife, while avoiding the typical Hollywood temptation to overly-sexualize them. I mean, come on. Can you imagine making your closing arguments for the big Sweeny murder trail in front of a judge in clompy, 6-inch covered platforms? No? Exactly. It can't be done (and this from a girl who wears pointy rhinestone-encrusted stilettos too....but there is a time and a place). That is perhaps the key to the show's success in seducing us as grown-up women. It's Anti McBeal.

But that is not what this is about. I want to focus on the talented Christine Baranski's character, Diane Lockhart. Specifically, I want to look at her necklaces. In a word, they're epic.

My research leads me to believe that the previous two examples are from a company called PONO, who make some truly unique and creative pieces that I am ashamed to admit I only just discovered purely out of research for this post. Their specialty appears to be chain-link necklaces, as pictured on Baranksi, and in all manner of materials. Truly music to the ears of anyone who, like me, has a bit of a thing for pieces with a nautical influence. A perfect way to mix something classic in an unexpected material into a professional work wardrobe, without tipping the scales too far into craft project gypsy territory. I realize now that my accessory wardrobe has a few holes in it that must be filled.  Immediately.

They also say (that elusive "they" committee, whomever they are) that a woman's pearls increase in size with age and success. Although I am not a great believer in any of the old fashion adages, preferring to create my own path with results ranging from great to side-splittingly hilarious, I do agree with this old nugget of advice.  And apparently so does Diane Lockhart, whose incredible Tahitian South Sea strands (of the 9mm and above variety) not only take control of the space around her, but likely cost more than the collected souls of all of the junior associates at the firm combined.

Don't have an extra 30 grand sitting-around for a strand of Tahitians? Can't bring yourself to spend over a hundred bucks on costume jewellery? Me neither. I am a big believer in precious metals and pearls, but there are some statement pieces in life that are just as well bought on the cheap. Don't spend a fortune on costume jewellery. Look at your secondhand shops first. Look at the sale racks of your favourite retailers. Visit that teenager shop at the mall that you haven't been in in like, four-hundred years. It may surprise you. And they make a lot of really nice, affordable freshwater pearl necklaces these days so that you can achieve that big successful pearl look without having to sell a kidney on the internet to afford it. Here are some nice alternatives for those of us who are still somewhere in the middle of that Age/Success Accessory Ladder.

Make it happen.


  1. I love big statement necklaces and they don't pretend to be real but they are gorgeous fashion accessories.
    F21 does have a great selection!

    Lady of Style

  2. Nice ideas there. A statement necklace does bring a professional 'put together' edge to an outfit. I think I could do with some more.

    The only problem I have is that in winter I'm constanly wearing scarves, so necklaces are neglected.

    1. Have you tried wearing an infinity scarf that leaves room for a short length necklace? Or, we often remove the scarf worn for warmth leaving lots of room for a great necklace to be seen.

  3. I love her too - Christine Baranski's character in Birdcage was fantastic as well!


  4. Nice designs. We all know that women having a crush over jewellery and especially pearl jewellery is in trend. Pearl is famous because it gives a unique look to the person and available in different number of designs and colors. I have pearlsofpurity-freshwater pearl jewellery and I love to wear that and in winter season I love to wear pearl bracelets .

  5. Thanks so much for this post and your research. I have been admiring Diane Lockhart's necklaces and clothes for a long time. I really appreciate your finding the PONO site and also offering alternatives! Nicely done.

  6. Ditto from Anonymous: Thank you for this post and your research! My husband and I were watching the Good Wife last night and it's crazy, I'm like obsessed with Dianne Lockhart's statement chain necklaces. and I'm not usually like that.
    Thanks to you, I've even looked up Pono. They're surprisingly inexpensive, but I can't get over how cheap the Forever21 ones are. We're in London, but I'm really thinking of getting one. I already wear a great 'Egyptian gold' chain that I got at a church charity event in an idyllic English countryside village, with my mother in law.

    Of all the things that came up on google, yours is the best by far. Thanks.

  7. p.s. btw - you can source the Pono necklaces at a great price, from a NY based eBay retailer, who is friends with the Pono company.


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