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I realised recently that I only really own jackets. I have tons of short jackets, moto-inspired styles, trenches, various athletic jackets, yet not a single car-length or longer wool winter coat.  It's funny when I reflect back, as this is not a problem I would have had back in upstate NY. However, the Scottish weather calls for a slightly different set of tools.  But really, there is just no substitute for a well-made, lovely wool coat for winter.

The recent resurgence of cocoon coats has been lurking in my mind for a while, as has the desire for a leopard-print coat à la Jackie Kennedy (although I think hers was real leopard, which I try not to think about when I admire this coat, as I cannot bend my mind around killing a gorgeous leopard for the sake of a coat, or for any other reason for that matter....those were different times I suppose, but still).


I decided this year that I needed a proper wool winter coat. I wanted something that was both modern and classic, but that I could easily wear every day in the winter as well. You can imagine my delight when I saw this Thakoon Addition coat on sale. Its retro cocoon shape and 3/4 sleeves gives it a sort of Hitchcock heroine vibe, and the leopard gives it a bit of edge.  Despite the retro referencing, I feel quite modern when I wear it, and it's a great way to get a little leopard into everyday life. We could all use a little more leopard in our everyday lives, don't you think?

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  1. The shape and fabric are wonderful, Kristin. I think you made the perfect choice! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. i DO love that coat! Love the shape--very Jackie O. I did buy a leopard coat this year--faux of course--I have worn it to death. xoxo

  3. Absolutely a favorite from you.

  4. Fabulous coat! Love the shape which is just a bit edgy.

  5. Very cool coat, but I think what really makes it work is the long gloves. Gorgeous!

  6. I think Olivia Pope would be jealous of this coat.

    The long gloves are super sexy.


  7. I love cocoon coats. So retro and yet so modern at the same time. Looks great with the long gloves.

  8. Great addition to your wardrobe! I love the way it fits!

  9. Wonderful coat, wonderful photos, and wonderful You.
    Such a long time

  10. I love animal prints and especially the shorter sleeves with your leather gloves. Fabulous!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  11. A Hitchcock heroine vibe is the perfect description! Love it!

  12. Yes, you look beautiful ... you're quite right that it evokes an era while looking completely modern. This is why every woman ought to have elbow lenght leather gloves. I give up. UNCLE! ... the leopard looks great. All you big-cat print lovers are right and I'm wrong and I know it.
    Classic, and perfect with jeans.

  13. I have a leopard-print coat I got (on super sale!) from Ann Taylor. I purchased it a size too big so I can use it as a car coat/warmer weather top coat. It is wonderful! The first "wild" printed coat I have ever known and I love how it really is a great new neutral. I LOVE your gloves with the sleeve length. So vintage-chic.

  14. I like your style, but I have a question: why did you choose to wear white shoes with this outfit?

    1. The shoes are actually a light taupe/nude colour. I guess I liked them because they were a little less expected than just going for basic black

  15. How on earth did you survive Scotland without a coat?! You must have amazing circulation or not spend much time outside or something? I've always had a winter coat even in Auckland when the coldest winter days were around 12 degrees. I've got a great wool duffle coat in a bright cyclamen colour which still gets me compliments after three years of use. It's 100% wool and cashmere, zip up and has a hood so it's good for cold, windy days. I got it from a Dutch importer in New Zealand. I've found it difficult to find reasonably priced wool coats in the UK but will probably have to start the search for the perfect coat next year.

    PS- your coat is very cool. I love the shape!

  16. Love the shape of the cocoon coats, very chic in the animal print too.......the sheep must love you up there haha!! x


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