Brand New Bug Eyes

Having worn cheap sunglasses for most of my life, lately I've decided that I need to do a little better by my eyeballs as I get older. I spend a lot of time squinting into the sun on the tennis court, the slopes, and all manner of other places, and you really do notice a difference when you have a pair of sub-par sunglasses.

These are the Jackie Ohh II sunglasses by Ray Ban. I love a big, oversized pair of shades, and these will do nicely. Super lightweight and big enough to provide adequate protection, these are my new go-to shades.

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  1. Welcome to the world of Ray Ban. I bought my first pair (wrap around biker style) in my early twenties. With Australian sun, you need to start early if you want to avoid damage. I've been wearing variations on wrap arounds until two years ago. An arm broke, and I thought, what the heck, time for a change, and bought a set that have a cats eye feel to them. Still Ray Bans of course, they are so easy on the eyes!

  2. Vagabonds. However, I will have to do some looking into the glasses named Erika!

  3. They look lovely. I seem to be a bit of a disaster with sunglasses as in scratching or loosing them so I try to find good ones at TK Maxx.

  4. I started with the original Jackie Ohhs and 5 years later they are still my go to, classic, looks great with everything, sunglasses. Of course, they also started a bit of a Ray Ban addiction: aviators, wayfarers, gradient cats eyes and one pair of kick a$$, black polarized wrap arounds that I wear when I need to be the boss. Congratulations on that start of a beautiful addiction!

  5. These are fabulous! So retro and so modern too. Come over to Vis Monday later and share them? xox

  6. Love those! Stylish and you get a lot of protection.


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