Friday, July 29, 2016

LBD by Nougat

Greetings everyone! I'm back, and excited to show you some of the sartorial goodies that I unearthed while I was away. However, before I do, I have this perfect little black dress to show you from the kind people at Nougat London

Nougat London prides themselves in combining classic styling with a contemporary edge. It is a perfect combination for those of us who are not 18 any more, but aren't willing to hang-up our desire to look edgy, modern, and even dare I say…sexy. This dress is their Black Chelsea Cap Sleeve Dress, and I really like the fitted silhouette that is body-conscious without looking like a sausage casing. The fabric is light, has a great hand to it (one of my favourite things about this dress), and has quite a bit of stretch to it while not losing its matte crepe look. 

When you have a good fit like this, you really don't need to have much else. A simple pair of black pearls and some burnished gold open toe pumps (the neutral shoe of summer), and that's about all I need to feel happy with the way I look if I need to go out somewhere. Besides, sometimes being the most simply-clad person is the room is your ticket to being the most chic. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Muy Caliente!

Hello again everyone! Still not quite back up and running again at my regular frequency. I've been quite literally all over the globe. I was in Wisconsin, then Florida for a week, then back in Scotland for a week so I could resume my duties at work, and now I'm back in Wisconsin this time in a planned way, until next week. Whew. In another week or so the iPhone posts should stop and we can resume our usual routine of me complaining about the Scottish weather while I desperately try to work between rain showers to keep my digital camera dry. I kind of need to stay in one place for at least a few weeks, because both my frequent flier and credit cards are smoking from all the usage.

You know what else is smoking? Pretty much everyone in the greater Chippewa Valley at the moment. It is hot here right now, and I am talking Florida hot, not normally what you would associate with Wisconsin (although it gets hot like this every year). It was pretty much the same temperature yesterday here in Wisconsin as it was when I was in Florida earlier in the month. If you're outside and not actually sitting in water, you may very well spontaneously combust.

Personally, I am not a person who loves air conditioning. Don't get me wrong, it's a necessity this time of year, but I don't like to let heat keep me from being outside, so dressing for it is essential. Easy to wear things that are loose and low-maintenance are the order of the day - just like this dress.

This dress is just one of those finds that makes you want to get down on one knee and give an offering to the Goddess of Thrift, it's that good. This is a Ralph Lauren asymmetrical midi-length dress that is slightly higher in the front, and gathered at the waist just enough to be flattering, while not being clingy or over-designed. Its in one of those indestructible, anti-wrinkle jersey fabrics, and the color is exactly the tomato-red shade I love. I found this at the local Goodwill yesterday for I think either $7.99 or $9.99, I can't remember which, and I'm not going to go look. Because its hot out here and quite frankly, I don't want to expend the effort.

thrifted red dress by Ralph Lauren, similar / Target sandals (last season), similar 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

On the Cheap

Hello everyone! Yes, long time no write. While I vowed when I started this blog that I would never waste time and energy explaining myself on here for any reason, I want to assure you that my absence was not a matter of me losing interest in you or having writer's block, needing "time away", or anything else of the sort. I simply had to skip town in a hurry for a family emergency and was trying to handle things that were moving at breakneck speed for a few weeks. I am still in the United States (I've been here since the 3rd of June), and will be heading back to the newly-voted-to-no-longer-be-in-the-EU United Kingdom in a week or so. It seems our two countries are in some sort of pact to see who can flush their country down the loo faster these days…we're kind of like Thelma and Louise driving hand in hand off the side of that cliff, screaming "the special relationship 4 ever!!!" as they we plummet to our imminent demises. But I digress.

I got the call to come home and attend to my family while I was on a train from where I live in the Highlands, heading to Glasgow for a 2 day course for my work. I had with me my laptop, a pair of cropped jeans, a sleeveless shirt, a sleeved shirt, a cardigan, workout clothes & shoes, and two pairs of shoes, one sandals and one heels (just in case), three pairs of underwear, and one bra. When I found myself heading to the airport instead of the course I was scheduled to go on, I realised that I was going to need to source some things to wear. It's much hotter in Wisconsin in the summer than it is in Scotland, and I was going to be here a while.

So when things were more settled at home (and after I bought a packet of underpants on the fly on my way from the airport, because come on…three pairs), I went to the local thrift stores to see if I could flush out my wardrobe a bit. Granted, this is something I would have probably done anyway, but since I didn't actually need any clothes other than to suit my immediate need, I was trying to do this on the cheap (thank goodness I had athletic shoes with me…that would have cost a packet.)

So I hit the local Goodwill and Savers shops, and came away with a nice little capsule wardrobe made from a few pairs of shorts, bohemian tank tops, and a handful of sundresses, which are really easy to wear and I can easily recycle for our trips to Florida. Here is my sundress "highlights reel" (along with a pair of thrifted gold sandals) for your inspection, along with a reminder to never, ever leave the house, no matter how small of a trip you think you are going on, without the following items:
  1. a passport
  2. athletic shoes (if that's your thing)
  3. your laptop or iPad so you can keep abreast of work
  4. a credit card
Luckily, I had all but one of these things with me, and the missing item was graciously delivered to me just moments before stepping in line to check-in for my flight. Everything else can be improvised or purchased on the cheap. Seriously, everything.