Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Last Watch I'll Ever Need

You guys might remember a post I did back in October in which I collaborated with the Swiss watchmaker Louis Moinet. That post was a lot of fun for me to write, as I am a big fan of watches, and in particular a fan of the artistry and history that goes into high-end watchmaking.

To my great delight, the powers that be behind the Louis Moinet brand enjoyed my post almost as much as I enjoyed writing it, and sent me one of their 20-Second Tempograph watches. This is far and away the coolest thing that has ever graced my wrist, and has relegated all of my other watches in my watch box to a corner, where they are all currently grouped together, whispering and staring at this new arrival with the sense of awe-stricken jealous inadequacy that one usually reserves for those times when one is in the company of an Olympic athlete, or a perhaps a Nobel laureate.

If you want To view the original post with a little background of the Louis Moinet company, you can click here to revisit the original post. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Eyebrow Pencils & Grey Hair

I freely admit that I never fully appreciated the whole eyebrows thing until I got older. I've always had plenty to work with in the eyebrows department (too much, actually), and only really started thinking about it when I had to. Now that I am quickly approaching my 45th year, I feel like my caterpillar-like natural brows are starting to show their age. I never thought it could be possible to have brows that look at simultaneously bushy and patchy, but as we all know, age can be a cruel mistress indeed; hair tends to thin out where you want it and migrate to places that you would have never dreamed would need hair. 

Eyebrows have therefore sort of become my new obsession. In lieu of a lot of other fancy makeup, which I feel looks kind of strange on me the older I get, brows are actually a really easy way to really enhance the look of your face without having to smear a lot of goop all over it. However, if you have grey, white, or salt and pepper hair like me, it can be a really frustrating thing trying to find eyebrow pencils that are not too warm in shade. Everything you try, even those with the universally-accepted labels of "ash", "taupe", or "charcoal" tend to have ruddy undertones, making them look strange when up against the cool tones of my salt and pepper hair. Sometimes, you don't even realise it, thinking you've found a good product, until you find yourself out and about and happen to catch your reflection in the bright sunlight. I've had several of those moments (I used to feel that way about my hair as well, which is why I stopped dyeing it). There's just something so off-putting to me about catching a glimpse of myself with mismatched, brownish-red brows; like I plucked a couple of wooly bear caterpillars off of the road and adhered them to my face. 

In my trials with every shade of eyebrow pencil on the planet, I've found a few that I like (so far). While everybody is different, even those of us with grey hair, these are a few that are worth a looksee if you are a salt and pepper brunette like me. Or perhaps for some of you, even if you're not. 


Lorac Pro Brow Pencil in Slate - $19 / £11

This is my hands-down favourite. The consistency is easy to work with and the line is nice and thin. Best of all, the color is a great greyish-taupe without overly reddish undertones. The little brush on the end is nice and firm as well, making it easy to blend.  The downside - it doesn't last nearly long enough.

NYX Micro Eyebrow Pencil in Charcoal $10 / £8

This one is a bit smudgier and the brush is a bit softer, making it a bit more of a filling-in tool than something for making short little strokes with. The charcoal color is a true grey, and it works well for dark brunette hair, although I found the color to be almost a little cooler than I would have wanted. Perhaps in another five to seven years when I am more grey than I am now, this will be my go-to.

Pixi Natural Brow Duo in Soft Black $20 / £15

This is a great product. The soft black is a great cool brunette option that goes on a true charcoal (but a little darker than the NYX version). While the tip is not as fine as the others I liked, it is slanted in a way that makes it easy to handle. Included is a little wand with some translucent brow gel to help set everything once youve got your brows the way you like them.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Thrift Shop Gypsy

Come dear readers, and stare into The Fashionista's obsidian ball, for The Oracle speaks. The Oracle says that she who shops at thrift stores is a savvy customer indeed, for it is ridiculously easy to throw-together a bohemian-inspired summer look for like, five bucks (Sorry Brits, The Oracle is partial to American slang.) The Oracle says you can fill your closet full of guilt-free finds and still put some money aside for that thing that you are saving for.

The Oracle now demands that you gaze upon these completely natural, not-staged-in-any-way photos of The Fashionista wandering through the Highlands in her latest thrift store find, a cold-shoulder blouse of unknown provenance, which she has paired with a pair of Aerosoles wedge heeled sandals, and some skinny jeans from Target. The Oracle predicts she will wear this ensemble out to dinner later tonight when her husband comes home from his week away at work.

The sooth has been said, it is my will, and it is done.

*eyes roll back into head*