Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Replacements

Not that long ago, I was lamenting the fact that my pair of ancient Timberland boots that I have been wearing on adventures for more than a decade were nearing the end of their natural life span. I must have been soothsaying when I wrote that, because only a few weeks later, I am saddened to report that said pair of boots has finally made good on its long-standing threat to allow the leather near the zippers to rip completely off in my hand - on both sides no less.

While I was sad to say goodbye to my trusty Timberland boots that have seen me through many a trip and adventure (even sailing trips and horseback riding!), I quickly realized that I had an excuse to start looking for the replacements. An actual excuse, not a b.s. excuse like I usually use when I want to go shopping.

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Art of the Subzero Miniskirt

My husband and I have this thing that we do -  we are both independent spirits who are as stubborn as mules, so as one might imagine, there is the odd occasion where one of us (him) has to be wrong about something.  On the very rare occasion that one of us is actually wrong, we have taken to looking the other in the eye and saying, loudly (and usually in public), "you were right and I was wrong." This usually escalates to the other person, the "right" party, saying "Sorry, what was that? I didn't quite hear you..." and so the cycle repeats itself until the other is satisfied in his or her rightness and we can go on with our day. It's kind of a ritual, really.

I bring this up because I feel that I owe the universe a bit of ritual due diligence right now. You guys...I'm sorry, but we have to talk about leggings again. I know, I can't really believe it either. I have always been a proud member of the Tim Gunn "leggings are not pants" camp, but as you may remember, a recent surgery forced me into my first pair of leggings. It was never meant to be a permanent arrangement. I'm pretty much back to normal again; I can run and jump around again, and the plan was always to ditch the leggings once the initial postop phase was over.

And like the best-laid plans...well. You know.

While I still loathe the look of hoisery-like seamless leggings worn as pants, I have to hold up my hand and say to the Gods of Sportswear Separates and The Universe At Large, you were right and I was wrong. 

There is indeed a place for a well-appointed legging in a grown-up's wardrobe, and that place (well, one of them anyway) is underneath a miniskirt in the winter. This is a pair of those fleece-lined leggings that you can get almost anywhere, and they are so much better than a pair of tights in winter. Seriously, if you haven't tried them, you really should. For me, it means that I can actually wear a portion of my wardrobe that might stand idle a lot of the year, either when I'm visiting Wisconsin in winter (as I am right now), or...well...all the time in Scotland.

So yeah, fleece-lined leggings. Miniskirts (oh, and thrifted sweaters like this one if you want to find real sweaters made out of actual 100% pure wool and not that tatt that you find in the stores these days). Check it out. You will not be disappointed.

I was wrong.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Arrested Development

After catching a glimpse of myself in my knocking-around Wisconsin in December clothes, I realized pretty quickly that today I am dressed almost entirely like my 1990s self. Sure, the hair is grayer, the Doc Martens have been exchanged for my lucky pair of Durango boots, and I've disavowed that hideous deep burgundy and taupe lipstick for something that doesn't settle in the cracks and make me look bats**t crazy by noon, but the essential 90s framework is still pretty much alive and well here, for whatever reason.

You can read into this whatever you like. Some say that people tend to settle into whatever period of their life was the most fruitful and stay there (hello Madonna, I'm talking to you) - their development arrests at a point where they feel they were in their happy places. Others might argue that smallish towns in the midwest call for a lighter touch when it comes to the amount of fancy-pants that you apply to your look... although admittedly this has never stopped me in the past. Of course, it could just be that I have been living out of the same campfire-saturated, prairie-dust coated bag for nearly a month now, and I've just gotten comfortable with it. Whatever you choose to go with, they're likely all at least a little bit true, and apparently these little mini-truths all add up to Kristin, circa 1996, with the notable exception of the Nirvana concert tee, which has been swapped for my #NODAPL tee.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Where'd She Go?

Hey guys. Long time, no see. No, I haven't thrown myself off of a precipice in a fit of election-fueled despair. No, I'm not lying in a ditch, or trapped inside an old submerged refrigerator in a quarry or at the bottom of a well as you would expect from one of those old episodes of Lassie.

No, I've simply been on the move of late. I will have more on this in a few weeks, and will be resuming just shortly with more fashion-related posts. In the meantime, please entertain yourself by gazing at this incredibly stark yet beautifully monochromatic shot of the North Dakota plains. Once you've accomplished that, click dutifully on this here text to visit the Go Fund Me page and learn more about how you can donate firewood to the Sacred Stone Camp at Standing Rock. They need your help.