New York Fashion Week Picks Part Two

Back at it again, people! No time to waste! Lets get right to it, shall we? Welcome to part deux of the Highland Fashionista's New York Fashion Week Picks.  Starting off this instalment, is cool girl staple  brand.... 

Alexander Wang.  Usually a top favourite of HF, Wang this season has taken a dramatic turn away from the accessibility of the Real Gal Brigade in a large step in the direction of full-on Artisan Luxury. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I love his pieces as much as ever, with their futuristic detailing and unique cuts. But this season, in addition to these details (and according to, 90 percent of the fabrics on the runway were custom-developed. There appears to be a harder, heavier hand, visual feel,  and undoubtedly price tag to go along with it. There is a lot of smooth, glossy leather and structure to the looks that, though would likely be overkill for the Real Gal Brigade, taken as individual sportswear pieces, have long-term wearability. So though we are perhaps surfing the cusp of Real Gal Real World feasibility, lets have a wee look see anyway. Looks 2, 9, and 24 are all, when considered in their individual elements,  quite wearable pieces. Maybe minus the Hannibal Lecter turtleneck of look 2, right enough, because a look that says "I want to eat your brains with some fava beans and a nice Chianti" doesn't go down well on the subway. 

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The Skirt

BCBG Max Azria. Inspired by the geometry of the Bauhaus, a design school in Germany that has had a mega influence on modern design and architecture. The colorblocking and geometric shapes are divine. Love the ease of this collection.  Both Women's Wear Daily and reference American sportswear of the 70s as a comparison for the ease of these looks, and I am inclined to agree. Though the collection is very dress-centric (HF usually favours separates for her Real Gal Brigade), there is enough ease and sportiness in the designs that, coupled with some amazing outerwear in the collection (sadly, not shown here due to space limitation...maybe in a future post), translates these looks seamlessly into reality. Look 11.

You get up, you put this on, you're done. There.

Looks 20 & 21.

  I would run though George Square in Glasgow with my trousers down if it meant I could wear look 20 tomorrow. I see it with boots and a turtleneck or long sleeve tee underneath in winter, chunky wedge sandals on vacation. I would totally wear this year round. I'm getting this...mark my words, people. Okay,  look 40.

I am not normally one for a lot of sheerness, as I find it difficult to wear...where does your bra go? Can you see my butt? Is it going to snag and look all Miss Havisham-tattery after 20 minutes...etc. But the sporty simplicity of this makes it work somehow. Love.

Catherine Malandrino. The show was based on a femme fatale theme and titled Virtue and Vice. I have always been a fan of Malandrino. Her designs are very wearable and very feminine. So much so, sometimes, that despite my admiration for the designer, the clothes themselves don't always suit the HF, who prefers simplicity and structure.  However,  what I like about this fall collection is that although it retains its staunch femininity, there are now added elements of structure and danger.....ooooooo (wiggling fingers and holding flashlight under chin). This collection is likely more for the Real Gal with Someplace To Go This Evening as opposed to Real Gal Gets Up and Goes. But check out this coat in look 6. 

I imagine people will just drop to their knees when you wear this, averting their eyes out of awe and fear, and self-flagellating while crying "We are not worthy!" It's that fabulous. Look 17.

Again, for the Real Gal with Someplace To To This Evening. The colour is divine, the cut would look good on anybody. Love the purple shoes.  Despite my past post about snoods, I do not dig the blue fur snood. If you want a snood, I will knit you one, and you can wear it. Later. In Aspen. Not to the theatre. (If you're cold, use a motorcycle jacket or boyfriend-cut tux jacket.) Finally, Look 27.

 Now everybody just stop freaking out for a minute and listen.  Yes, I know that is a shiny black patent bustier, but think around the bustier people....put a white or black tux/dinner jacket on over said bustier, maybe some red heels peeking out the bottom,  and we have ourselves a seriously swanky Real Gal Kicking It Up A Notch for her Night Out. Love the fullness of the pant, and the bustier is a lovely accent, but it seems unfinished without a jacket. You can wander around with the jacket off looking like this after your 4th mojito when you spot Dale from the accounting department slumped at the bar and your BFF is up on the stage doing a karaoke version of The Rose. At that point nobody is likely to remember your bustier. 

Chadwick Bell.  I was not familiar with Chadwick Bell prior to watching his show online and was taken completely by pleasant surprise.  The theme for his show was A Perfect Woman in an Imperfect Situation. Most of us like to think that's us, so he had me at hello.  The looks were elegant, the fabrics looked expensive and everything was extremely well-made. When I got to looks 5 and 7,  I just sort of stopped what I was doing and stared. These are the clothes that HF herself loves to wear, and the elegant simplicity really sums-up what I liked best about this show. 

There is something very 1940s meets 1980 about this, but without all the superfluous 80s bling. The colour is amazing. Again, probably for The Gal On Her Way Somewhere Special, but again, cardiac patients beware, this look produces palpitations.  Look 7. 

Simple, elegant, wearable. But looks like more than just a tee and a skirt. It looks well-made and expensive. I am totally copying this if I can't find Chadwick B in Scotland. Orange shoes. I need orange shoes. Love. 

So those are the Highland Fashionista's picks from New York Fashion Week, Installment 2. Stay tuned for more installments.  Until next time, stay fabulous and just say no to sweatpants people! Unless they are T by Alexander Wang sweatpants.  The Harem ones with the low waist, pleats, and banded ankle. Those are cute. Then I guess it's ok. 



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