NY Fashion Week Picks Part Three; Bringin' The Prep

Right. One More time. There are, after all,  just a few more things that will still be on my wish list. My real wish list that is, not the unobtainable one I will make after I find the buried gold coins in a trunk in my back garden. Right near where the dog has been pooping all this time. Who knew? But I digress.

This installment is a dedication to riffs on the always-popular "preppy" aesthetic (it's meaning is so diverse these days), a longtime favorite of mine, and a look that is easily accessed and adapted by the Real Gals of the universe. Lets look.

Karen Walker. Can you get any more classic prep than a pea coat? I really, really love charcoal the gray with bright yellow. And even with a wee bit of asymmetry to make it that much more special and interesting, a coat like this will never go out of style, and the third look would be great for a real gal with an office job. It is also a look you can easily re-create with what you have in your cache. Preppy with a twist. One of the most workable looks around.

All photos courtesy Style.com

J. Crew.  Good friend to the Real Gal, high-street retailer J. Crew is experiencing a second coming, with high end internet retailers and fashionistas alike touting its merits. LOVE these preppy-with-a-twist colourful looks, and I will be copying these looks in one configuration or another repeatedly this season.  

Rachel Roy. A few standouts in this collection as well. never thought I would be putting a photo of culottes up on my blog, but this spoke to me.

Likely because of the beautiful sweater, not the culottes. A wool Bermuda short? Maybe. Probably. A Pencil or denim skirt, definitely. Culottes? Meh. And I love the print of the dress in the second photo. The volume of the sleeves is enough to make it different without being weird. And the presence of cowls, yay! we all know how I feel about cowls.

Elie Tahari.  A Real Gal staple. The brand is widely available, and they make the BEST pants, seriously. Tall people, try on a pair, you'll love them. What I liked about this collection is that it went from casual to business casual to dressed in a single, beautiful, linear swoop.

So there it is. Part three of New York Fashion Week Picks, and the Highland Fashionista's tribute to variations on modern prep. So where, you ask, is the Hilfiger? The Ralph Lauren? Well, to be honest, I wasn't crazy about either of their collections for the fall season. At least not as collections.  As individual pieces, you can always count on these labels, and this year is no exception. But as collections, both seemed overly tweedy and brown, and very theatrical.  Though generally I like a very strong point of view like Lauren's Great Gatsby Era 20s looks and Hilfiger's riffs on the equestrian set, I didn't really feel like I was seeing anything new when I watched these collections. As the judges on Project Runway often say, I didn't get a sense for where fashion is going next when I saw these collections. And just like in life, art breathes best when it is allowed to evolve. 


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