Snood + Cowl = Snowl

I have snowled today. Finished making my latest snood/cowl, that is. I never know what to call it...snood....cowl.....snood sounds so, I don't know....a lot like snot, or drool maybe......and cowl just sounds like a medical condition. Like colic or something. So I am thinking about calling it a Snowl. Sounds fierce, doesn't it? Or maybe just ornery.  Anyway.

Raspberry Valentine Cowl at HighlandFashionista on Etsy

I have been in love with the creation and wearing of the snowl for about two years now.  I blame Michael Kors, or as he is perhaps better known,  He Who Knows Exactly What Real Women Want To Wear. In his fall 2010 collection, he gave every girl who lives in the Scottish west highlands exactly what she needs to get through her winter season in style.

Michael Kors Fall 2010

Chunky warm layers that look good either alone, worn over jeans, or with tights and boots.  Louche cowls and long fingerless gloves. These are things that play quite well up here in the highlands, thank you very much, and I continue to employ the use of my slouchy cowls, long fingerless gloves (especially if you are wearing a down or fur vest), and boots. I simply don't care that fall 2010 is now two seasons behind me. This works up here. When the sun sets at 3:30 in the afternoon and doesn't come up until 9:30 am, a girl needs her security blanket.

So I continue to make them. They are fun to do, a dawdle to make, and now that the minimalism trend seems to be well and truly behind us,  a great way to add a wee slice of colour to your look without having to commit to a pair of neon fuchsia pants or some such. Anyway, in an effort that is both an act of shameless self-promotion as well as an attempt to keep everyone snowling, here is the Highland Fashionista Gallery of Past and Present:





Racing Stripe I
Racing Stripe II


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