Waving the Small Black Wand of Karma

I forgot to put on mascara today. 

As Iwas driving off to work in the car this morning I caught sight of mymascara-less eyes in the rear-view mirror, the perfect little liquideyeliner line on my upper lid mocking me in it’s pared-downminimalism. The Calvin Klein-clad eyelids in a room full of Christian LaCroix. I thought tomyself with a hint of amusement, well that’s that. It’s over. I’mstarting off this way, and the whole day is going to go down thetubes. I even had a wee giggle at the sheer ridiculousness of theconcept of mascara holding the kind of karmic power that candetermine the future, or invoke evil spirits (like a fashionista’sversion of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane…sitting at the dressingtable, laughing maniacally, with big raccoon-eye globs of mascararunning down both cheeks…. while wearing something fabulous.... vintage Prada,naturally). Stupid, right? Yeah. But guess what? My whole day hasgone absolutely, positively, straight down the freakin’ tubes. Nofoolin’.

To begin with, I’m not quite sure howI managed to omit one of the very few makeup products that I use tomake my “going to work” face. The natural look. (The Bobbi Brownno-makeup makeup look.) You might like this look. You might alreadyuse it. Here, try it with some stuff you have in your cache. 

A quick touch of my Tom Ford Foundationin stick in Tawny (only where I need it.)

Photo: TomFord.com
My new favourite!

Bobbi Brown Corrective Concealer inLight Bisque under eyes
Photo: BobbiBrownCosmetics.com
Great for neutralising under eye circles!

Some Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Powder inSunny Beige
Super fine! Looks SO natural!

Bobbi Brown blush in Peony

Don't let the bright color scare you away. So rosy!

Maybelline eye shadow in Linen

Fantastic everyday matte base shadow
Photo: Sunset-Cosmetics.com

L’Oreal liquid Super Liner in CarbonGloss

Perfect felt-tip for easy to control liquid eyeliner for those
of us who like coffee a bit too much.  

Bobbi Brown eye shadow in slate overthe top of the Carbon Gloss

Amazine for building a smoky eye, setting your liner,
using wet, or just a neutral shading.

Korres lip butter in Pomegranate

So natural, a beautiful flush on everybody.
Seriously, this one is amazing!
And not too pricey Real Gals!

And alas, today’s missing ingredient.Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara.

Photo: SoapAndGlory.com
Admittedly, I have no experience with Soap and Gloryproducts, but I got this one for free with last month’s issue ofElle UK. And lets face it. The name Thick and Fast.....well, there's something about it that is a bit, shall we say...downmarket? I get it. I get that in advertising you are supposed to be able to see what a product does at a glance, but if given that product name sight unseen, I wouldn't know whether to expect a shampoo, gravy mix, or a porno. Downmarket. But I digress. 

Although yes, I am a sucker for a good-quality, beautifully-packaged luxury product, there areplenty of good, sturdy buys out there at the drugstore, and I believemascara is the perfect drugstore buy. I always have a hard timewith the concept of spending over ten bucks on a tube of mascara. Letalone the £15 – 26 (that’s British pounds readers, so we’re talking over THIRTY bucks for a tube of mascara?Really!? Real Gals around the world unite in revolt!) …that’s £15– 26 that you will be relieved-of for a wand of, for example,Diorshow mascara (which supposedly is so fantastic it will make youslice the time-space continuum with your razor-sharp lashes). Theprice tag seems no less staggering if you adhere to the three monthrule, and throw your eyelash wand of wonder away before it can becomea smorgasbord of bacterial inhabitants, each begging for the warm,moist environment of your eyeball. Eeew. There, now I’ve grossedmyself out. Not easy to do, I might add.

My usual mascara is this. I get it when I am home in the States (no Covergirl here in the UK, sadly), and I buy as many black ones as I can get my hands on. 

The ol' workhorse. Try it, you'll like it!

Cover Girl Remarkable WashableWaterproof Mascara. Love it. Getting kind of hard to find now (looknear the bottom shelf of the C.G. display). It comes off easily whenyou wash your face, doesn’t smudge, has a lovely brush thatseparates the lashes beautifully, makes them look looooong, anddoesn’t act or feel like a waterproof mascara. You know, that hard,itchy feeling like your lashes might break off into your latte foam.Maybe, you think to yourself, they will pass for nutmeg sprinkles.

Anyway, this seemingly simple piece ofeveryday makeup kit is seemingly more important than I originallythought. Apparently it is some type of wand of destiny. Perhaps thecosmetics companies have finally engineered some way of making yourdaily karma contingent upon the use of their particular brand ofmascara (Soap and Glory, I’m on to you…). Perhaps I was simplyenacting my own version of the self-fulfilling prophecy. Whatever itis, I will be eyeballing my Soap and Glory mascara suspiciously whenI next sit at my dressing table. What are you up to? I might ask it.Right before I liberally slather on a generous coating. Just enoughto keep the evil spirits away...until I can get back to my Cover Girl.


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