Get Dressed. Every Day. For Real.

Yes, another style blog. I can hear your groans all the way over here in the Highlands, people, and it's not what you think. ....really.  As much as I would love to grace your screens with daily updates of my well-fought consignment store finds, amazing sample sale prizes, and the galas that I attend, the fact of the matter is, I live in the Scottish Highlands. There are sheep. There are uneven paving slabs in the street, and a whole hell of a lot of bad weather.  The only gala I get to these days is the annual Lifeboat dinner my husband throws. Okay....its not so much of a gala, per se, but I get to wear a pretty dress. Or pants. I have yet to decide. You will definitely play a part in that, dear reader. But alas, that is for another post.

So what then, does a gal who loves fashion and design DO with her personal style in the Scottish Highlands? Good question, and I think that it is a work in progress. But the pitfalls of living in a challenging climate in a small place are very much the same as they are anyplace else. So generally speaking, this has been my guiding principal thus far:

Comfortable weather-appropriate clothing does not have to aesthetically suck.  There, I said it. 

For example, I give you exhibit A:


versus this.......

courtesy J Crew catalog.

 Both of these gals are sporting a pair of pants, a t-shirt, and a jacket over the top...a configuration which is generally the same. One of these outfits, however, says to the world, I am confident. I don't mind letting the world know that I like to get dressed, but not in an over-styled and fussy way. I am warm enough, yes, and I look clean and like I might just have my s*** together. The other outfit says, 'scuse me miss,  can I borrow three bucks because I just had my acrylic nails done and can't reach into my wallet to get any money out and while you're at it can you light this cigarette for me?  You decide which gal is which.

I must also say here that I am a little sad that is was so darn easy to find images of velour tracksuits on the web. I so thought that was over. Long over. Apparently there are still whole websites devoted to selling those things.

So that's the strategy.  Keep fighting the good fight people. Get dressed.  Every Day. For Real.


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