Zen and the Art of Getting Ready

The Highland Fashionista would like to issue a stern caution to all of her readers that you should never, ever, ever be seen in public looking the way she does right now. 

Look away! I'm hideous!
And that, of course, is why she has posted a photo of it on her blog over the internet. I like to think of it as "taking one for the team". You're welcome.

And yes, that is a shower cap on my head. I think I stole it form the Baobab Hotel in Gran Canaria. I am deep conditioning my hair.

And yes, you're right, it looks like I am leaning back on my heels. I have just painted my toenails.

Rimmel No. 391"Celebrity Bash"
A fantastic deep, classic red.

And probably the only reason you haven't gone blind from looking at my photo yet is because I am out of my favourite mud mask.

Fango Active Mud For Face and Body

Yes, that's right. The Highland Fashionista is getting ready. There is a dinner tonight. And I actually get to put on a pretty dress. And it is Saturday, and I am actually not working for a change, so the luxurious process of actually having enough time to put myself together properly has officially begun. 

I should note here, that the Highland Fashionista does not need an entire day to get herself ready to go out. I am the kind of girl who can get ready in five minutes if I have to. I think it is a great asset to be able to look like the type of gal who needs a full day to get ready without actually being one of those gals. Because let's face it. Those gals are a pain in the ass. 

No, we're talking strictly about the luxury of taking the time here, not the necessity of it. And lets be honest, Real Gals, who amongst us actually has the time or the inclination to spend all darn-tootin' day with cucumbers on our eyes reclining in the bath just to go out to dinner? The reality is, I have been doing laundry. Or more accurately, I have been locating and pairing socks that my husband washed earlier in the week but his man-genes prevented him from pairing or folding them. I  cleaned the kitchen, and had a nice workout. Not with the conditioner on, I hasten to add. I think that might be dangerous. Now I have toenail polish on. and I have picked what I will wear tonight. 

Thakoon Black Silk Plunge Back Dress
Fall 2011 ready to wear
Photos Thakoon & Rent the Runway

I have been absolutely drooling to wear my Thakoon black dress for a while now. It was an investment piece, and I will take it with me to the grave. I love how drape-y the front is, and the back has a faux butt-bow (shout out 80s!) that just sort of grows out of the fabric, and has just enough volume to look elegant. Too dressy for the occasion? Maybe. Probably. But I so don't care. As much as I love the runway look of the dress with tall boots, I thought that might be a bit much for the event, so I am planning on pairing it with my Kelsi Dagger open-toe booties to keep it from being too dressy-dressy and adding a little edge. 

Kelsi Dagger Karina booties
I got them on blueffly.com a while back

Hair either in a half-updo or loose bun, and minimal jewellery. I'm thinking a cocktail ring and studs, and that's it!

And one last thing. If you, like me, do find yourself with the luxury of having the time to get ready ahead of time, think about your exit strategy. Your fashion exit strategy, that is. Somebody may very well come to the door, or pop-round' as they do here in my small town. My plan is to rip the shower cap off my head, pull the hair back all slick, and make like I just finished my workout minutes ago. Not sure how I will explain the greasy, nutty smell emanating from my head, but with any luck, I won't have to. 

25/2/2012 UPDATE:


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  1. Great outfit. Fun prose. My kinda Gal.

  2. Hey, is the Highland Fashionista aware of this documentary?


    Thakoon is in it. So is Anna Wintour, obviously. Actually, it's pretty slow, and Ms. Wintour spends most of it with her arms crossed, looking stony. Which is scary/intimidating until it becomes boring. But you do get to see the behind-the-scenes of the magazine. I just watched it a few nights ago. Maybe worth a peek.

    1. Hi! Yep, seen it, and although it is a bit slow, I loved it for the behind the scenes look at what goes into an issue of Vogue!


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