Get Your Diatom On!

With those first few days of spring announcing their arrival, you think to yourself, aaaah, here we go.You start wearing your open-toed wedge booties again without risking losing a digit, you take your workout properly outside for the first time in months. In other words, you just basically feel refreshed. It’s not really warm yet (it is Scotland, after all), but there is change afoot.

And then you wake up the next day to this.


And it all starts again…Right.

So I’ve decided…if the sun will not come to Scotland, Scotland is going to have to have some sun shipped-in. It’s that simple. That’s why I have just used up all of the unused credits in my Moda Operandi account on this.

Equipment, Fall 2012 RTW

Portable sunshine. Portable cashmere sunshine, no less. I am so excited about this sweater, you have no idea. And with my account credits, it was practically free, which makes it even more sun-shiney. For those of you who do not have a host of credits, J Crew also do a variation of this color in their Italian cashmere shop line, check it out.

J. Crew

I have heard great things about JCrew’s cashmere, but currently only have their merino sweaters in my cache. If their cashmere is anything like their merino, they will be lovely. They seem to have quite a nice selection of colors as well; some hard to find ones, as above. Because let’s face it. It seems that whenever you go looking for cashmere, your color choices always seem to be a lot more along the lines of this.

This color I will affectionately call
Cadaveric Beige. At least, thats what it
looks like on me.
J. Crew 

You see, I have a theory. Well, it's not really so much a theory as an observation. When you live in a place that is remote (check), has an extremely inhospitable weather profile (check), and is dark for a good portion of the year (double check), your coping mechanisms must be finely-tuned. In other words, you must be strong, like bull! Imagine yourself as one of those wee diatoms that live in the very deep parts of the ocean. You need to somehow develop the ability to light yourself from within or you will shrivel up and die. 

Need a light?

I know for some, that may sound like a well-crafted justification for indulging in some shopping. And to those of you who would say that, I would simply like to extend toyou an invitation to Scotland, at your convenience, any time in the month of January.

So. What will I pair my new little ball of sunshine with when it arrives? Everything. I know it seems odd, but like the sun itself, that bright yellow-green color seems to go well with a lot of things you wouldn’t expect it to in spite of its brilliance. Or maybe because of it. Probably because of it.

At any rate, the thought of having my very own little solar flare sitting in my closet has just charged up my inner diatom for another week or so. Need a boost yourself? Here. Help yourself to the lightbox... Get your diatom on.

All above sweaters J. Crew cashmere shop


  1. That is one of the best post titles ever.

    1. Ha. Thanks! I have actually become a bit obsessed with diatoms now, from a design perspective. Have been looking at diatom art all morning!


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