Peplum - Turning Up The Volume

I have decided that I am going to be brave and try peplum. Normally, bravery is something that I am not in short supply of, but there is something about the flounce around the waist of peplum that makes me feel like I could easily revert to myself-conscious fifteen year-old self. Is it sticking out too much? Does it make my butt look big? Fashion-forward or silly? Will it look like I am wearing a child's floatie inner-tube around my waist? 

At first I thought that peplum would bea huge departure the from things that I am normally drawn to; simple lines, simple lines in vibrant colors, simple lines in crazy prints, simple lines layered on top of one another…you get it. But last year, with Raf Simmons’ spring collection for Jil Sander, I had an epiphany that simple lines and the flounce of a peplum are not mutually exclusive items.

Jil Sander Spring 2011
Courtesy Women's Wear Daily

I know this is last season’s look (seriously, who cares?), but I still love these looks so much, I am about to order a whole mess of white t-shirts (again…do it every spring) to pair with everything. Reminds me a lot of what I wore inthe 90s. Probably why it speaks to me so much. And that's the pared-down, minimalistic, a-line column Carolyn Bessette wedding dress 90s, not the flannel shirt 90s. 

I have, actually, already kind of “gone there” in the last year. I have this blouse, a sort of softer,Grecian, drapey version of a peplum. You know, to kind of gradually introduce it into the wardrobe vernacular. Starter-peplum.

Leifsdottir silk blouse, Gap cropped Denim,
Aerosoles wedges. 

At first I was afraid of the volume and the wide profile of it,
me being a nearly 6 foot athletic type,
but the silk actually drapes well and moves with you, and it's
really fun to wear. One of my favourite colours. 

As I’ve said, now that I'm feeling brave, I will give the more structured variety a go. Here are the contenders I narrowed it down to today in an internet search. Originally intending to just keep it to the local high street brands, I quickly had to widen my search options, as the selection was, shall we say…a poor showing. All right. It just out and out sucked. Every time I find a really cute peplum top that I might want to try in a magazine, high street or otherwise, I simply cannot find it online.  Let that be a lesson to you, retail merchandisers of the universe. People really do still read magazines in this digital world. We want to find the cute stuff they see in the magazines on your site!  Especially if it is a two-hour drive over twisty single-track highland roads to the nearest city that might (but probably doesn't) have what you are looking for. 



The Orange peplum from ASOS I will order. It is actually lace, something I usually avoid, but the pattern is more of a bull's eye pattern that a traditional floral and it is lined in contrasting fabric, and I think that, along with the orange color, keeps it modern and fresh-looking. A little worried about the cut of the back, as those cut-in sleeves can be troublesome, but it will just keep me in the workouts, and that is a good thing. 

Then, there was this.

Elizabeth and James top and trousers

The black Elizabeth and James top is a bit dressier, shinier, and has a bit more volume and weight to the fabric, almost a sort of retro look. I think it is really useful piece that would dress up or down quite easily. The cut of the back offers a little more coverage, which I think is nice. Oh, and that fur you see around the neck isn’t part of the piece. It has a regular wide crew neckline. Alas, this one is more expensive, and will be difficult to return , as it is a runway pre-order. So that is for my back burner. My-thinking-about-it-probably-cause-I-really-like-it-but-can-I-afford-it-right-now-back-burner.

This Dress. Oh. My. GAWD.


Givenchy. Totally out of my price range. Would die to wear this to one of the three weddings I have to attend in May and June. Seriously. This dress is the business.

But there is also this one. David Meister. Who I love. And more affordable. And I am seriously considering it for the summer wedding season. A little less dramatic, perhaps.

David Meister
Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC

Oh I do love navy. But Saks Fifth Ave…now that I look at it, those are totally the wrong shoes for that Givenchy dress. 

The coloris lovely, but those platform strappy sandals with that lovely dress is a bit like making a truffle soufflé and then sticking a lit cigarette in the middle of it for a garnish. Those are not the shoes for that dress. You don't need all of those straps competing for attention with your peplum. These are the shoes.

Jimmy Choo, again from Saks.


At any rate, when I have made my final selections, you will undoubtedly hear about it.
What do you think? Is peplum for you? Replies in the comments section please.
Until next time.


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    1. I'm hoping that orange one will be waiting for me when I get home. Dying to try it on.


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