I Heart Ebay

If you love clothes, and are not looking at eBay, you are missing a trick. Yes, you have to have some time on your hands, and be the tenacious sort that likes the hunt. If your style of shopping is to plug the words "blue cashmere sweater" into a search engine and buy the first thing that comes up that speaks to you, eBay shopping may not be your bag. But then, it would be highly unlikely that you would choose to read a blog called Highland Fashionista if that were the case, so I shall continue with my diatribe.

There is a wealth of style lurking, hidden amongst the eBay listings. Here, look. These are some items that I have gotten off eBay over time.

Giorgio Armani Jacket
Single-breasted wool, lined, covered buttons, exquisitely made.
New to the blog and wondering if that is gray hair? Yes it is.
You can read about that here. 

J. Crew Bellflower Jacket and Skirt
Together for the sake of the photo. I usually wear these as separates.
 I got the jacket first, then waited, lurking in the tall grass until I found the skirt in my size.
I then circled my prey, played with it for a while until it was tired,  and devoured it. 

Max and Cleo silk halter maxidress
So lovely to wear in warm weather. Floats like a butterfly.
(Does not sting like a bee.)  I usually do it up with big dangle earrings and
stacks of bangles. Too lazy to do that today.  Plus its freakin' cold out here in this.
 One does not usually stand around in Scotland in a silk maxi dress in March. Brr.

Manolo Blahnik kitten slingbacks
Love with rolled jeans and a Breton-stripe tee.
Classic. Shout-out to Michelle Obama... tall gals like kitten heels!

See? And that is just a mere sampling.

But like everything in life, there are some helpful guidelines. Notice here that I did not say rules. There are no rules in fashion.  Just good ideas and bad ideas. Those that will tell you otherwise (like those douchebag writers of that book The Rules that came out in the nineties and basically taught women how to trick men into marrying them, until one of them got divorced and they had to re-issue all the covers of the sequel, and the empire crumbled...)...those that will tell you otherwise are limiting themselves.

So here are the Highland Fashionista's helpful guidelines to shopping on eBay:

1. Shopper, Know Thyself. Know your measurements. Know your personal style and what looks good on you. If you are looking at something high-end and tailored or fitted, measurements should be posted. If they are not, write and ask. Sizes vary dramatically. US sizes are generally larger (apparently we Americans are all a bunch of fatties... but the British are catching up fast America, watch your back!), European sizes are generally more consistent, although some French and Italian brands run teeny-tiny. Have you ever tried to fit into a pair of Balmain trousers that you thought were your size? Because it said so on the tag? I have. It was soul-destroying. Not meant for gals with tennis-court calves apparently. Meant for gals who stand-around looking very chic being photographed smoking.

2. Know Thy Brand Sizing.  If you're not sure, go to the brand's website and find their size charts. This saved me once when I went to buy an Adam jumpsuit and would have bought it a size larger had I not checked first. And a small victory for my ego, I might add. The caveat here is vintage sizing, which generally speaking is smaller than modern sizing. Refer to Guideline No. 1 for vintage sizing.  And don't be afraid to take stuff to the alterations place. At the end of the day, there are very few humans out there that can find something that fits absolutely perfectly without a little nip here and fold there.

3. Be Patient. Like the tides, the flow of stylishness in and out of eBay ebbs and flows. Set your search parameters to do the work for you with ongoing searches if you are desperately looking for something.

4. Beware Luxury Items. The higher the price tag and the more popular the item (like Loius Vuitton logo bags or Ralph Lauren Big Pony polo shirts...you know, status brands) the more likely it is that you are buying a fake. Especially if the price seems too good to be true. If you are unsure about what to look for and there is no return policy, don't bid. Also, have a look at the feedback and the address of the seller. If there is no stated location, like if it says Yourtown USA as the location of the item, like a lot of them do,  walk away.

5. I Can't Think of a Number Five. I guess I'm done.

So give it a go. You will be amazed what you can find out there if you are patient.

Until next time then.


  1. I have a non-related question for the HF about eye cream. Is it necessary? I thought I heard we could just use our normal cream and dab under they eye and be done with it. Thoughts?

    PS I'm going to eBay right now.

    1. Overall, I think no, it is not necessary. I use my heavier, winter-strength moisturiser for the under eye area. I also find that I need to apply it more than once a day. if I am dehydrated or the heat in the house is on kill. I put it on over my normal moisturiser, before any makeup, and during the day, if I look craggy, I put it on again, instead of just piling on the concealer. Pat instead of spread. That's Bobbi Brown's advice, not mine. It works though. And I too, am now going to eBay

  2. I am very scared of eBay. I admire your courage.

    And also those shoes:).

    1. I used to be too, but like everything else in life, the key to success is letting go of the fear :)


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