Last Day Away

Aah yes. Back to reality tomorrow. Back to healthy eating, exercise, and work. Highland Fashionista has been conspicuously absent while on her mini-holiday, and for that she apologises. Stay tuned for some thought-provoking street style from Malaga to come. (Preview: over the knee boots....edgy, Robin Hood, or hooker with a heart of gold?) I also feel compelled to do a piece on leggings, as much as it pains me ( thought that was a local phenomenon.....I thought wrong). Anyway, it must be done. Apologies in advance.Also upcoming, I have done preliminary road-tests on two new products by Bobbi Brown and Josie Maran, all I need is the photographic evidence edited to complete my case study. As I've said before, this is science people.So that's what's up and coming for this week. That is, if I survive the plane ride home. The way here from Glasgow Drunk guys on holiday rendering the bathrooms unusable before we even took off. A group of about 10 gals in leggings, matching t shirts, and pink boas and stilettos going for a bachelorette weekend who....never.....stopped.....talking....the...whole....flight. Ryanair from Prestwick to Malaga, y'all know who you are. We can talk about the leggings later.Anyway, off for a last day of wandering. See you back in the balmy Scottish sunshine. Snort.HF


  1. Hope you had a great time!
    Leggings are Costco yesterday I saw a woman in a shirt, boots and panty hose. No pants, no wrong.

  2. Argh. Palpitations! Palpitations! I die when I see that...especially when you can see the little control top markings on the hose peeking out, or the shine of the Lycra that isn't quite opaque.......bleaaaah!


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