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I have an amazing personal trainer in my house most days of the week. He is the strong, silent type, able to communicate what he needs from me with a mere glance, or maybe even just a wee touch. He usually lets me get on with it at the beginning of the workout, choosing to observe what I am doing from afar. As I progress to abs, mat work, or yoga poses, he then seems to descend upon me, as if out of nowhere.

One moment I am lying in shavasana, staring at the backs of my closed eyelids, or perhaps I am stretching my lower back, one leg over like a pretzel, eyes to the heavens.  It is then the he silently makes his presence known. Sometimes it is just by the shift in the rooms energy,  or perhaps the small nostril-draft that I even know he is there at all.

As I said, he is (most of the time) utterly silent in his approach to our workout.  One could say that he does indeed walk softly and carry a big stick, although he usually leaves the stick outside during the mat portion of our workout, instead choosing smaller, more tactile corrections.

I am here. I see what you are doing, and it is good. Mostly.

Consistent as consistency itself,  he appears like clockwork. offers support, and even helps with the little technical things along the way, like mat slippage and face washing.  But alas, before you all start  tweeting and emailing me to get his number, I'm afraid I have some bad news.  He simply isn't taking on any new clients.  Sorry ladies, this one is mine. 



  1. LOL I have one too! My little boy loves to jump on my back when I am going cat, dog, cow etc...he thinks we are going on an elephant trek through the jungle to capture the little white jack russel lol

  2. Funny! I can relate, except mine is a cat! I do suspect he's mainly concerned that I will be able to get up off the floor to feed him.


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