Road Test - Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 40+

Okaaayyy....back from our trip. Happy to report that the flight back from Malaga was a lot more civilized than the flight over, even though it was largely the same cast of unruly characters. And that is civilized with a "Z"...this British-bought computer keeps changing my spelling to British spellings. I am American and though I live in the UK, my writer's voice demands that I spell things in the American way...I want to spell things like civilized with a "Z",  defense with an "s" instead of "defence". I know Americans, I still can't get used to that one either.   

Anyway,  I even dared to use the airline toilets on this return flight, that is how well-behaved everyone was this time around.  Not that that stopped the guy who went in the toilet before me to not lock the door, causing the little "vacant" sign to be showing, causing me to open the door on him while he was in there, then when I quickly shut it and apologized (with a z), he .....did nothing! He still left it open. Gross. And, as my husband very astutely pointed-out later, when the door to the airline bathroom is not locked, you are basically in the dark. So this guy was totally happy to be in there, in the dark, with the door unlocked. Gross! And sadly, yes, this type of thing was indeed an improvement from the overall passenger behavior witnessed on the flight to Malaga. So. Anyway....okay, I have to say it. March 11th, Ryanair 14:20 flight from Malaga to Prestwick....dude, lock the door. This is not that type of flight. Seeeeriously. 

Okay, right. Seeing as though I am fresh off the plane (there is no such thing as being "fresh" off a plane; doubly true for Ryanair flights, by the way) I thought I would tackle the easy stuff first. Not that I am belittling science by calling this the easy stuff. Some serious research went into this next road test. 

Josie Maran Argan Moisturizer (with a Z, dammit!) SPF 40+

I decided to give this a try based largely on some good reviews that I had seen on it from Allure magazine, as well as "Cosmetics Cop" Paula Begoun in her bestselling cosmetics guide*. I give special attention to anything Paula Begoun puts on her smiley-face list, as she uses actual science in the testing and reviewing of the bazillions of products on her site, and not the half-assed variety of science that the Highland Fashionista
engages in. 

And speaking of half-assedness, lets run through my testing methodology quickly. As you may remember from a previous post, the Highland Fashionista has a bit of difficulty following product-label directions. And this was really no exception. In fact, I still have not read the instructions for this product, but I already know that I like it. A lot. 

We all know that in order for a sunscreen to work its best, you have to reapply after so many hours to get the benefit of the...blah, blah, blah...boring! The Highland Fashionista takes a more realistic approach. Yes, if I were swimming, sweating, or out for a really long time I would reapply. But this was Malaga, on the Mediterranean, in early March. Not quite warm enough for the above activities. Just warm enough to be on the beach, but not in the water. So. I applied it once in the morning, under my go-to holiday product Bobbi Brown illuminating powder foundation (Sheer! Breathable! Has an SPF 12!).  The Josie Maran formulation is surprisingly light and sinks in quickly, leaving a silky finish. I thought I would turn all white, the way you often do with titanium dioxide / zinc oxide sunscreens, but this did not do that. In fact, I would, and will, totally use this as a daily moisturiser when I know I am going to be outdoors. The smell is lovely (yes, there is a smell. A lovely smell), and the active ingredients, apart from the active sunscreens, are all things I recognised (i.e. could pronounce) like argan and jojoba oil. Basically, it is a really lovely, chemical-free alternative to the chemical sunscreens that dominate the market, or the white, ghostlike zinc and titanium sunscreens of yore. 

 So. I put it on. 

Then I just forgot about it, left the hotel for breakfast, and then we spontaneously headed to the beach for the rest of the afternoon. Not exactly good sunscreen practice, and if you are not olive-skinned like me, don't try this at home. I did, I hasten to add, have on regular sunscreen on the rest of my body.

So anyway, I did some of this. 

Yes, I KNOW its bad for you, but I live in Scotland, for goodness sake! It started
raining in MAY last year and it is still raining as I type this, so
BACK OFF...a girl needs her vitamin D. 

And I did a little of this.

Yes,  that is a was an impromptu beach visit,  and that was what was on offer.
After all,  one would hate to be rude. That's my story and I'm stickin'  to it.
And yes, that is US Vogue. I get it sent over. I missed my Anna W and my Life with Andre.

Did you know you can use your Adidas Stella McCartney Jacket as a beach pillow?

Sorry Stella...needs must. 

Yep. You can. And when you finally wake up and remember to take a photo....for science.....

I know I look all yellow, but I assure you that is the exposure, and
not fake tan, jaundice, or, most importantly, a sunburn.


Not burned! Not at all! 

I give this product my full, scientific endorsement, and will likely order a few more of Josie Maran's products on the back of this experience. Such is my method. If a product works well for me, in spite of me, its a winner. And this one is. 

I will be using it religiously as my daily outdoor moisturizer. With a Z.

Interested in perusing The Bible of makeup review manuals? Check out Paula Begoun's Guide Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me. I consult it religiously.


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