Soapbox - Is Panic the New Black?

Greetings bloggites! Just a quick word or three before my week of poncing-about in Portugal draws to a close.

Firstly, you may have noticed that I have cleaned-up the subject tab labels at your right for easier access. Your patience with this ongoing process is most appreciated. It is especially challenging on the iPad in a foreign location, as it turns out.

Most notably from this process you will notice my Soapbox subject tab. This is where my personal diatribes, as well as where a weekly overview of important and amusing anecdotes shall live.

I have also created The Gray Area for all posts relating to the whole going gray naturally process which, as you know, I have been painstakingly getting on with for over a year now. As it turns out, there are a lot of us out there. Enough to warrant a whole section. So thank you for your support. You know who you are ( Danke). More on that to come when I get home.

And finally, the Highland Fashionista would like to leave you with a message; there is nothing in this world less chic than sheer and utter panic. And as it turns out, the face of sheer and utter panic has a new poster child.

You have undoubtedly already heard in the news that the British MP ( thats member of Parlaiment to you abroad) Francis Maude recommended ON THE AIR of a national TV broadcast interview that the good people of the UK should keep cans of fuel in storage in their garages to stave off the impending (!?!?) fuel crisis. He might as well have gone on the air and announced that a hoarde of the living dead were making their way through the Chunnel towards the UK for the panic that followed. And this is how he carries on when he is NOT under pressure. You may need to copy and paste the link, as I am on holiday, and although my righteous indignation on this topic knows no bounds, my iPad unfortunately does.

Your comments below please. At this point, I think a bit of social media justice is definitely in order.


  1. Good grief! In this day and age, acting like it's WWII? Sheesh!!


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