Daedalus and Icarus and Some Really Cool Sandals

I just love those shopping/browsing moments where you see something that makes you freeze for a second and take it in. I truly believe that in those moments, there is art happening, and not just rampant consumerism as many would have you believe;  these two things are not mutually exclusive to my way of thinking.

So at the end of last week, this happened.

The Ikaria Sandal
by Ancient Greek Sandals
  Moda Operandi.com

I shouldn’t like this as much as I do. If this sandal were on Project Runway, it would get told by Nina Garcia that it is too literal an interpretation; too costumey to be chic. Then Michael Kors would undoubtedly chime in and say that the designer had at last uncovered the long-lost Achilles’ heel of good taste, a sound byte that the network would run over and over in the promotional trailer. I love Project Runway, by the way. I’m just sayin’.

So why does this resonate with me? Probably because I love Greek mythology, and have loved it since I first discovered it back in junior high school. Even back then, I always thought that the Greek approach in their classic literature was really efficient, what with their separation and division of the Godly labor; a god for love, one for the sea, another for the underworld, hunting.....need something sorted? We’ve got a specialist god to do that for you. I like to think of the one-god systems of the world being like going to visit your family-practice doctor, whereas the ancient Greek system is more like being referred to the cardiologists at the Cleveland Clinic; they do one thing only, but they do it well. Plus, Greek mythology has all sorts of really cool, graphic stories where people get their livers plucked-out by eagles and consort with beasts that are various and sundry combinations of human, horse, snake, or goat. What’s not to like?

So what does one wear with their Ancient Greek sandals? I would probably go very simple, as to not draw attention away from my ankle wings.

Equipment dress at Moda Operandi, long belted dress at LaRedoute,
DKNY Romper at Shopbop

The caveat? My coveted winged sandals cost over two hundred dollars. $245 to be exact. And while I appreciate the craftsmanship and ingenuity that goes into creating an all-leather sandal like this, I find it to be a wee bit too pricey for something which has so little material to it. Especially when you consider that they will likely be worn in vacationland, getting pummelled by sweaty feet, sandy roads, sunscreen, and moisture. I fear that they would not hold-up well, and suffer the eventual destiny of all of my vacation sandals that die of natural causes while on holiday…being left behind in a hotel room to make more suitcase space. I simply cannot bear the thought. So instead, I will be wearing these.

La Redoute flat leather sandals (and only 24 pounds!)

Who knows, maybe after a while I may indeed cave-in and get myself my own little slice of Greek mythology in the form of my coveted winged sandals. But for now, I will just have to settle for my usual routine of frightening people...turning those who stare at me a bit too long into stone.  

What are you lookin' at!?


  1. They are kinda cool....even tho I don't wear sandals like that. Are you planning another holiday? Where to?

  2. I am indeed. Hubby and I are away to Thailand for two weeks on Sunday. So. Excited. There will be a post forthcoming.


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