I Went for Tighty-Whiteys and Found Erdem

So I was on a mission last night to buy my husband some teeny little tighty-whitey style bathing trunks.

But I should back up here.

Years ago, my husband decided that he wanted to invest in some property abroad, which is how we came to have a small apartment in Samoens, France. He had spent childhood trips in France, and always loved the food, the culture, and the traditions that still play a huge role in day-to-day French life. During one of his first visits to Samoens, in the summertime, the weather was unspeakably hot. He decided to use the community pool to cool down. So he put on his board-shorts and off he went.

Midway through his first lap in the pool, the lifeguard was frantically waving my husband down, blowing his whistle at him in an attempt to get him to exit the pool. My husband, confused, swam on, confident in the knowledge that he had done nothing wrong, and therefore the lifeguard could not possibly be tweeting his whistle at him. As it turns out, my husband was not the culprit.... but his bathing suit was.

It was on that day that my husband learned that , if you want to use a public swimming pool in France, you have to wear either a tight-fitting Speedo, or a just-as-tight-but-with-more-coverage pair of trunks that resemble a pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Apparently it's a hygiene thing. (It is also likely rooted in tradition.) But hey, if you want to use a public pool in France, this is the price of admission. Personally I think it's the least we can do to thank them for the wine, the classic recipes, and Vincent Cassel.

 Hubby had to do some soul-searching to get used to the idea..I mean, we're talking about a Scotsman here, people. Kilts are all well and good, but a Speedo!? As you would expect, it took him a while, as it would anyone who was born anywhere outside of continental Europe. But the warm weather and desire to use the (beautiful) outdoor public pool prevailed, and my husband was outfitted with his first pair of these.

You know you want one for your husband.
Here...on you go then.
It's only seven pounds for goodness sake!


And you know what? I have not been able to get him out of this bathing suit since. He swears by these things now. Says that they dry so much faster than the traditional Bermuda-style board shorts and that his towel (read: his bum) doesn't stay wet all day when we are at the beach. Go figure.

So that's what I was doing. Dutifully surfing the net for some replacement tighty-whitey swim trunks for my darling husband when I took a, shall we call it a wee detour, over to ASOS and saw this.

How cute is that!?

Needless to say it slipped and fell into my shopping basket. Completely by accident.

Now, I am not normally someone to go in for a floral print. But this spoke to me for reasons that I am not sure I even completely understand. This definitely screams Erdem at me, who also happens to be one of the only designers of florals that I am actually drawn to. I love the colour story of the print, love the cap sleeves, and the looser silhouette. Love that the buttons are tunic-style (stopping at the waist) , and you don't have to worry about them popping off when you walk. Love that it is 100% cotton...a real fabric, which is sometimes hard to come by on the high street. I also love that they weren't lazy or cheap with the floral pattern and detailing, and continued it around the garment.

There is also a cute little white border stripe vertically
under the arm which you can't see in the photo. that
ties-in with the white on the collar and buttons.
Nice detail.

I also like that you could easily belt this and wear it with a heeled sandal or pump and dress it up a bit. I, however, see it with a flat sandal in a more casual way. So this is how I plan on styling this. I love a shirtdress in the summer, and I predict that this will come with me to a great many destinations. I will probably pair it with some funkier accessories to keep it form getting too buttoned-down. Right now I am really into enamelled bangles that look like animals, for whatever reason. And I also like that smaller, cross-body bags are back again, as they really work well for travelling.


So that's the latest. At some point tonight, I am planning on re-stocking my facial-care products supply, as it is dwindling. I can hardly wait to see what accidentally falls into my shopping basket tonight.


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