Pile it on!

I am really excited about this ongoing trend of layering-up necklaces and bracelets. I love the bold, bright, Boho look that is gives off...like you just ran through the Moroccan accessories tent at the local bazaar and came running out the other side with all of these fabulous things attached to you. Keep running. You look fabulous.

Boho layering is also an excuse to wear things like rhinestones in the middle of the afternoon. As if you need an excuse.  I mean, look at you, you're amazing.

I have been looking at adding a big, layered, bohemian statement necklace to my collection for a while now. In doing so, I have been lusting after some of the big, colourful, bohemian statement necklaces by the likes of Dannijo and Tom Binns. They are bold. They are colourful. They are thousands of dollars.  I do not have two thousand dollars to spend on costume jewellery. I have about twenty pounds.

Which is fortunate, because that is exactly how much it cost me to put this together.

Yep. Twenty pounds. I hardly see the point in spending thousands to achieve a look that is supposed to look like you just threw it together, made possible by gathering all of the fabulous pieces that you have collected over the course of many amazingly exotic travels to far-flung locations.

So lets break it down.

14 karat white, yellow, and rose gold coin necklace.
Okay, technically this takes the price tag beyond twenty pounds,
but it was already in my personal collection, so it doesn't count.

Chain, thread, and rhinestone colourful necklace from
About 10.00 GBP

Chain, thread, rhinestone, bead, and brass bib choker from
About 7.40 GBP

See? Easy. So as much as I love those chunky, funky, thousand-pound-plus necklaces that I have been seeing in the many magazines that get delivered to my doorstep, I just cannot justify that kind of a price tag for costume jewellery. If I am going to let go of a few thousand pounds, I want to see some gold or some gemstones, dammit.

So the message here is simple. If you are looking to dip your toe in the bohemian layered necklace pool and splash-out with something bold, don't be afraid to have a search of your local high-street retailer aimed at the 18-24 year-old crowd.  Have a look in your existing jewellery box as well,  and play around, this look is the very definition of the high-low mix.

Until next time then.


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