Pullin' Birds

There is something about the proliferation of bird prints on both the runway and the high street that speaks to me this season.  Apart from the obvious iconic imagery of spring that resonates during transitional seasons, I think that the real draw here for me is that there is an inherent humour within the print itself. And a garment that doesn't take itself too seriously after so many past seasons of heavy sweater dressing, rock chic accessories, and heavy boots,  is a garment that is welcome in my closet any time. It is an ode to spring sans the obvious saccharine of this season's hyper-girly pastels (I still love you, Prada and Louis Vuitton). It is a great alternative for those of us who just can't wrap our minds around why anyone would ever want to wrap their nearly six-foot frame in lilac and peach lace.  Here are some of my picks.

Top left: Marc by Marc Jacobs top at Barney's NY,  Tibi pant at Moda Operandi,
ASOS tee at ASOS.com.  Bottom:Warehouse blouse, New Look Tee,  Fiorelli bag at New Look,
and Tibi blouse from Moda Operandi.

As it turns out, one does have to be a wee bit careful when selecting a bird print.  There are many, many examples out there in less than flattering shades of beigy-mauve (if ennui were a colour it would be mauve), or with well-intended but flaccid peplums in less-than-ideal fabrics (the recipe for peplum death is a substandard fabric choice). As is always my personal mantra, when the print speaks volumes, the cut and volume should sit down, shut up, and let someone else have the floor for a change...and the birds have the floor.

I find myself drawn particularily to bird prints in shades of blue for their ability to conjure a piece of beautiful chinese pottery. The orange and beige accents against the blue print keep the colour story from becoming saccharine or twee, and it is a colour that also happens to look great with jeans, the everyday uniform of the everyday gal.  I am totally getting a few things in this collage, and I want to pair them with a pair of skinny jeans or navy ankle pants, simple accessories,  and some tan or orange ballet flats. Chirp.


  1. Put a bird on it:

    1. Hey laura...
      I went to your link and was told by You Tube that the video is not available in my country. They are apparently being provincial...


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