Soapbox - Samantha Brick is Way Prettier Than You, and Other Stories of The Week

Hello again and welcome to Soapbox Saturday where I, the Highland Fashionista, express my deeply profound opinions on all matters that I found captivating this week. I have hand-selected an interesting smorgasboard of items this week, this first one being the all-around favorite.

I would imagine most of you will have already seen this, but it is simply too good not to revisit, as this is far and away the best laugh, gasp, and utterance of an “Oh HONEY, No!”  I have had all week. Samantha Brick, a “writer” for the Daily Mail “news” paper in the UK, used her employer this week as a forum to publicly bemoan her life’s hardships…stemming from the fact that she is just so, sooooo beautiful that nobody wants to be friends with her, as they are all too damn insecure and therefore blinded by their own jealousy amid the glow of her ravishingness….yeah, I’m sure that’s what it is. Read on. And a warning if you are seeing this for the first time: Those of you with high blood pressure should take your ACE inhibitors before proceeding. Okay, go ahead. Click Here.

Yep. I know. And after you get through that, you beauty- haters, have a look at the list of best comments from the public that the Daily Mail very obligingly put together. At times like these, I become exceedingly proud of the wit and creativity of the general population. Here it comes

And if you think that,  after a media outcry that stretched from one end of the globe to the other, that Ms. Brick would perhaps take some time to look honestly at herself and her position on things. Well, think again. So this happened.

Whoops. And if you still haven’t had enough of reading about people with astonishingly low IQ’s, there is this. The British Medical Journal has published a study that found a scientific correlation between people taking a lot of long-term sick leave and low IQ.  If this is correct, I might well be a freakin’ genius! Here it is

Where a low IQ goes, laziness is sure to follow. Proof in point;  there are now devices to complicate (by making "easier") even the most simple of tasks. Even your morning latte is in on the action, having become so lazy it has to have its own transportation! Click here if you have the energy.

But do not despair readers. Some of us actually learned something this week. Just not Jane Alderidge, apparently, who is the successful style-blogger from Sea of Shoes who refuses to go to fashion shows (!?gasp...clutching my pearls…). She inadvertently gave us all a fast lesson on what happens when you alienate the reporter that is doing a piece on you and your blog. Click here and be uncomfortable

So that's a quick snippet, readers. I hope that you enjoyed these little gems as much as I did. 
Until next time, then. And please don't hate me because I'm beautiful. I just can't help it. I was born this way. Snort.  


  1. I just read about this on another blog...she isn't even on the pretty end of average!

  2. I know. I seriously thought the whole thing was a joke...not just because of her looks, but also because of the adolescent tone in which it is written, and the very immature narcissism that it contains.I Thought maybe I had clicked on The Onion by mistake. But then, she would have to raise her writing game considerably in order to be printed in The Onion. It is laughable that she is accusing other women of being too jealous to be friendly to her, when it is her who is incapable of interacting with members of her own sex, not the other way around. When drama follows you everywhere go you, the common denominator is you, honey. But great entertainment for the rest of us though, huh?

  3. I agree with you. She obviously has some self-esteem issues.


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