Happy Easter & Trombone is the New Black

Jonathan Arons is a trombone player. Historically, the trombones are nerdiest of the nerds in the time-honored wind ensemble caste system. The Highland Fashionista would know, as she is a member of the saxophone section caste, which could be likened to coming-in second runner-up in the Miss America pageant....the crown, as usual, going to the trumpet section.  Bloody trumpet players.

But Jonathan Arons has made trombone playing chic in a way that I never even thought was possible. He is a talented dude, and trust me, a better trombone player than these videos even give him credit for. He simply rocks it, and soon, he will have all those jealous bitches in the trumpet section shopping at the same stores as him and trying to sit next to him in the cafeteria . So good for him.  Apparently,  trombone is the new black.  Happy Easter.


  1. He's awesome! He definitely has a sense of humor.

  2. I know! despite the fact that this appears utterly ridiculous, this is actually a feat of athleticism and musicianship. I would love to hear him play when he is not doing calisthenics. Sounds to me like he knows his way around a salsa band...


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