Fancy Pants....Mostly

I have always held fast and true to the notion that sweatpants are the anti-fashion. I’ve made it a part of my blog’s tag line, for goodness sake! But lately, I have been giving them a second look. Not all of them, mind you. Just certain ones. And not to go out in, mind you again. Definitely not to go out in. I still maintain that a sweatpant has absolutely no business outside of the home (how very misogynistic of me indeed!).

But these….these are cute.

both T by Alexander Wang

They are cut in a modern shape (although mercifully, not crotchedly-droopedly-saggy enough to be a harem pant), and look pretty cute with a boxy tee or, as in the photo, a tank with a chambray or denim shirt layered over the top. Perfect for a lazy day around the house, but fashion-forward enough for the occasional unexpected guest.

So will I try a pair of these in my own wardrobe? Yep. Hypocrisy notwithstanding, I shall break my own rule and give a pair of Alexander Wang French Terry pants a new home. Strictly on a probationary basis, naturally. It may very well end up being a slippery, slippery slope. Next thing you know, I may be wearing sweatpants on airplanes in my flip-flops. Or worse yet…Uggs.

The duty uniform of the Sloppy Airport Dresser:
this version by Victorias Secret and UGG boots

Then it will just be a matter of time before I am out and about in town, rollers in my hair, running to and from the grocery store in the same pair of sweatpants that I have had on for three days running. You will see me on in my five-sizes too small sweatpants (if you haven't seen that website, you really should. What an education....not necessarily in a good way). Or maybe by then I will just have abandoned the notion of getting dressed at all…like these people.

Photos courtesy
Did you even know they make footie pyjamas for adults!?!?
Not sure I would have gone with the faux Louis Vuitton bag with the pink PJs....that may be more of a Fendi Baguette outfit...

Although technically, we don’t have Walmart here in the UK, we have ASDA. Same company, similar-looking stores, the contents of which is basically Walmart with the pork rinds, Velveeta, and Pabst Blue Ribbon taken out and replaced with microwaveable steak pies, frozen chips, and Tennant’s lager. Different junk food, different geographical location, same heart-attack.

Hmm. No, I think I will be all right. As long as I can keep myself on the straight and narrow and don’t stray too far from home in my sweatpants. They may be Alexander Wang, but they are still sweatpants. But they’re cute though, right?

T by Alexander Wang


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