Fringe Benefits

So these happened today.

La Redoute orange suede wedge-heeled sandals with fringe

I am not a person who likes fringe. Or, at least that is how I saw myself until I read that very sentence written down in my blog post preview. I now realize that this is not the first time I have dipped my toe, or my whole foot rather, into the fringy-footwear pool. So therefore I freely admit that the aforementioned statement might be just a little bit south of the truth. I mean look, I already had these in my closet. These are basically a variation on that same fringy theme.

Michael Kors sandal
MAN do I love these sandals...

So what I should have written is that I am not a person who likes fringe, except on my feet. Fringe on the feet is fun, unexpected, and (recurring theme alert) has a sense of humor about itself. Fringe on my shoes also makes me feel all fancy, and I find myself picking-up my feet and prancing about like a prize pony at a 4H show. Wait, is that sexist? Probably....but is it sexist if I said it first?! I mean, that it wasn't implied by a third party?!  Its only an analogy, right? Oh God... I don't know. Anyway.

Fringe feels nice to wear, all swishy and full of life, and you can get away with wearing precious little else in the way of accessories if you play your cards right.

Caveat alert:  fringe elsewhere on your sartorial offering, say, on a sleeve, is just a wee bit too evocative of hippydom for my liking. There, I said it. They are still picking up the remnants of discarded floral headdresses after the Coachella festival, and I said it. Out loud. I am officially uncool. That's okay. The writing has been on the wall for a while now. 

Not that there is anything wrong with a hippy-inspired look. I don’t mind borrowed elements of hippydom.  I actually quite like a high-waisted, hip-hugging bellbottom jean or a wedge sandal, especially if tempered with cleaner, modern, or preppy-inspired pieces to keep it from seeming too derivative. But there is just something about fringe on a jacket or handbag, or even tall boots (sorry Isabel Marant, I still love you) that makes me think less about a chic young thing about town and more about the hard-looking, chain-smoking girlfriend of the guy who operates the Tilt-a-Whirl at the county fairgrounds. 

Joe Dirt
courtesy Columbia Pictures
Note the fringe halter top.
Those three words should never appear together....fringe... halter... top. Shudder

I know that type of blanket statement is not fair to the jackets, handbags, and other fringedly-embellished garments of the world, but there you go. Some people see fringe and think about peace and love and letting your mind run free, Whereas I see fringe and think about carnies and their mean-girl groupie girlfriends who are giving you looks like daggers from over by the deep-fried Oreo stand.

So in the spirit of peace, love, and fabulosity, here is a lovely collection of fringy shoes that I thought you might like. Enjoy.

Top left: Balmain, B Brian Atwood, Tabitha Simmons
Bottom: Charlotte Russe, Bottega Veneta, Nadeline


  1. okay so... I have a pair of caramel suede Minnetonka boots that may or may not have fringe on them. But that is where I draw the line. However, the Bottega Veneta and B Brian Atwood ones you show here are really lovely.


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