The Gray Area - Digging Into the Lipstick Drawer

For those of you who, like me, have decided to let well enough alone and go with your natural silver, the ongoing quest of finding the perfect shade of lipstick beckons continually. Much is made on the net, and everywhere else for that matter, about the "right" and "wrong" shades to pair with your silver hair. Like so many things in life, I find that the reality of the situation lies somewhere in the shadows, lurking in-between what the blogosphere tells you and what you know to be true about your personal style.

Yes, I did have to toss a few things away as more and more of my silver hair came through. Mostly eye makeup though, brown eyeshadow and gold highlighters, for example. But your natural silver is such a personal thing, there is just no way to know what will really suit you until you get out there and try. So in this post, I am showcasing some of my lipsticks that "made the cut", so to speak.

I do however,  hasten to add that I perhaps chose the worst possible time to decide to do this blog post, having just returned from a tropical vacation with a tan that puts me a few shades past my natural skin colour, and having just stepped off the tennis court (frizz bomb hair). Think of it like reality TV, with less sleeping around and (I like to think) a higher IQ...even if it is lipstick we're talking about.  So these are some of my go-to's. Yours will be different. I am a medium to olive-complexion with salt and pepper streaks. You

So I started with a "clean slate" for this post. No fancy-schmancy eyeshadow, crazy brows, or anything like that, just a little foundation and powder to even things out so that you can see the lipcolor better.  Or in the case of this photo, the control group, no lipcolor at all....clear gloss. Here's the canvas.

Most likely Vaseline. Very glamorous, I know. I live the high life. And apologies for the tennis court least you can't smell it from where you are can't, can you!?
I am so annoyed that I still have that bit of brown at the tips of my hair! Argh!

Okay, lipstick numero of the best everyday lipcolors out there, in my opinion.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Lipcolor in Blue Raspberry
Just like lips, only better. I wear this one nearly every day when I am working. I reckon just about anyone could wear this. See how it still looks natural, just "bumped-up" a bit?

Lipstick the Second...

Sephora shade No. R11 (1200D)
When I decided to go silver, I went into Sephora when I was in the US and picked out the loudest, most fuchsia-est lipstick I could lay my hands on. This was it. Love this for a night out.  Go easy on the eye makeup with this one.

Et trois...

L'oreal Endless lipstick shade No. 110 - Pink Power (stupid name, great product)
a rosy, slightly pearlized pink that seriously lasts a long time. I use this when I want to do a very rosy, naturally-flushed look.  Better when I am not tan, like I am now.

Number four....

Lancome Rouge Sensation in Sugared Maple
Again, this is better when I am not tan. It is a very deep brick red, but tends to go brown when you are tan.
Great with a pale face and a little black dress in winter though. I would probably blend-in a little of the fuchsia lipstick if I were to wear it now. Again, easy on the eye makeup with this one.


Sephora sheer Lip Attatude in shade No. G03 (9245B).
This is a good example of not believing everything you read. This is a vibrant, bright (albeit sheer) coral-orange shade, and everything you read tells you to stay away from that with silver hair. But in summer, or when you just get back from your Thailand vacation, and you have a tan, it works. It is a sheer formulation, so you can adjust as need be. I am using this a lot right now to go with my summer skin colour.

And finally...

Bobbi Brown Creamy Lipcolor in Pale Mauve
I may be a bit too tan for this right now, but I still love this colour with a really strong, smoky eye.  It is definitely not for everyone, as it does create kind of an ethereal, retro, washed-out look (hence the need for the strong eye), but I dig it. Again, with the tan, I might perhaps use a liner to deepen it slightly...I'm straying dangerously close to the area between cadaver and Kardashian...neither is good.

So that's it! Granted, these are not the only lipsticks in my drawer (put-lease! product junkie here!) But they are representative of how I trend in my lipstick universe. And if there was ever a "safe" splurge, lipstick is it! You don't have to go top of the line to experiment, and a lot of the drugstore brands are really quite good these days. So get out there and schmear it on, gals! The process if fun! 

In order of appearance:


  1. You know what? IRL it may be different, but in these pictures the Lancome Sugared Maple looks smashing with your lightly tanned skin. Let's hear what others think; I think it's the best of the set!


  2. I love the Pale Mauve on you! It's like natural only more so. Your hair looks great. Why is everyone so afraid of looking washed out? What does that mean, really?

    1. Exactly. Sometimes I think it can look kins of ethereal and cool. See photos of Kristen McMenamy with all of her tray hair. She looks like a beautiful alien in some shots.

    2. oops...that's gray hair not tray. This computer wants me to spell everything British and autocorrects my AMerican spellings!

  3. I like Sugared Maple the best.

    The Fuchisa is my last pick. Although you've gone gray you aren't entirely gray and the bright clear fushisa wouldn't be my choice.

  4. Agreed. I usually wear this when I am palest (winter) and have on a little black dress...more of a statement lip than I would do on a daily basis.

  5. I think the Sugared Maple looks best!

  6. LancĂ´me's "Sugared Maple" is perfect, it complements your slightly tanned skin too, goes perfect with brown eyes.


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