Let Every Eye Negotiate for Itself.....Hardly.

Aaaah, Shakespeare. But I'll get to that in a minute.

So yesterday, in the break room at work, one of my colleagues was surfing the net on her iPhone. She was looking at clothes online (which happens to be an official national pastime in my house). Being as nosy as I am when it comes to all things sartorial, I poked my head in, and noticed that she was looking at a shirt that was quite like this one.

Okay, it wasn't this exact one, but like it.
Karen Millen at House of Fraser 55 GBP

I commented on how much I liked the digital prints that have been floating about for the past few seasons, and said that her choice was very Mary Katrantzou. When she stared at me blankly, I realised that not everyone, like myself, is a complete fashion nerd, so I felt the need to explain the emergence of digital prints on the runway, and subsequently the high street, spearheaded by design houses like Alexander McQueen and Katrantzou. She replied thusly:

     "Oh, I don't know about any of that stuff. I don't really follow the fashion trends. I just like to wear
       things that are different,  for the real world, you know?"

And then I had a moment similar to this one. Thankfully, it took place only within the confines of my head.

What can I say, she's right. While this scene was meant to develop Streep's Miranda Priestly character for the audience, letting us all in on what a cutthroat dragon she is, it is also right on the money. Alright, her method may be a bit...er... withering, but the message rings true. Many of our choices are made for us. Likely in a room not unlike that one, and likely by a fashion editor perhaps not so dissimilar from Streep's character.

I have been thinking about this a lot recently, as I have spent some time of late surfing the net for a new dress to wear to a casual wedding. I keep finding myself being reminded of runway pieces that I have seen from current and past seasons. Sometimes, I am outright amazed at the similarities. I don't think this is a bad thing, mind you. I don't think you should necessarily pay over a thousand pounds for a designer style trend that you may not want to carry-through to a second season. I do not endorse brand-buying just for the sake of it. No, my point is simply that those who would decry the fashion industry as frivolous and will claim that they "don't follow" it or prefer to wear clothes that are meant for the "real world" because they like to be "different"...well,  Miranda Priestly was right on this account. Here...you can see for yourself, using an example of one of my favourite high street stores, Zara.

Mary Katrantzou
1190.00 GBP
69.99 GBP

1935.00 GBP

49.99 GBP

Alexander Wang
332.00 GBP
39.99 GBP

Like it or not, these garments were indeed chosen for us by the fashion industry. And they were ultimately created by a designer. An artist, mind you,  who has had the good fortune to become successful.  If you went around for a week speaking in verse,  entering every room announcing that it is officially the "winter of your discontent", and exiting with a crisp "anon", everyone would wonder why you were walking around speaking like a Shakespearian play. Because they know the source and are able to identify the influence. I suppose it is my sartorial wish that everyone on the planet gave that same artistic respect to the designers who influence what we wear. I always love it when I am wearing something and someone comes up to me and says, "I love your look....that jacket has a very Yves Saint Laurent, Le Smoking thing going on"....or something like that. You feel like you have gotten your artistic contribution right on that particular day. Like you are a bona fide member of the Getting it Right Club, complete with bibliographical reference to the artist.

But I suppose that, in a way, I am preaching to converted. I mean, the name of this blog is Highland Fashionista, after all. not exactly a place where you are going to find people that are, as so many claim, "not into" fashion. But I suppose that's the point.  Whether or not you are willing to accept it, we are all into fashion.

And so I bid you farewell, good readers.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow.



  1. Lovely. Thanks for that little reminder about 'stuff'.

  2. I only wish on occasion it could work the other way! As in, I could influence designers to put what I want into the stores. Currently sending out pleading thought waves to all the so called people of influence to STOP with the cap sleeves!!!

    1. And leggings! Stop with the leggings!!!

    2. No to cap sleeves, yes to sleeves, period. I wanted a dress to wear to a job interview but couldn't find anything professional looking with sleeves. Are dresses not worn to work these days? Is sleeveless now acceptable? Because I don't like that trend and Miranda Priestly can jump in a lake for that one.

      PS She was a bitch, but don't you think the Ann H. character was a whiny, entitled so and so who didn't understand what "entry-level" meant when it came to a job?

    3. Yes, I certainly do. You don't show up on day one whiny.....ever.

  3. Aaaaaand that's why I dont follow trends or fads.

    I had a faboo time in Scotland...next time I want to visit my beloved Inverness so I will give you fair warning and make plans for dinner or something!

    1. That is a date, your Suburban Highness. You must have had the recent good weather!

  4. Your video clip was perfect for the subject. I've stopped by here a couple of times but this time I bookmarked your blog. I find it fun and interesting.


    1. Thanks again Darla, and I enjoyed reading your blog as well! Thanks for the readership!


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