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I am off to Thailand with my husband this Sunday for two whole weeks. We are so freakin’ excited about this trip we have hardly been able to function for the past week. But do not despair, I have scheduled some posts ahead of time to keep things going here while I am away, and there is supposedly WiFi at our various hotels, so I am hoping to check-in from the road from time to time. 

So Thailand. It is the place that we have always wanted to go. It always looks so inviting when you see it in those travel shows...


 ...and Thai food is my absolute favourite kind of food currently available on this planet. 


So in preparation for packing to leave, I have been obsessively following the weather reports there all week, and I have yet to see the mercury dip below 90 degrees Farenheit in Bangkok (where we will be for the first two days), or below 80 in Koh Samui (the island where we will spend the rest of the trip). Very. Excited.

So. Packing.

My husband and I are last-minute packers. I know that this horrifies some people, but as a practice, I totally recommend it. It just keeps you from packing too much stuff that you will never in a million years need. This is doubly true for a beach, or other casual-type vacation, a point I am constantly banging-on about. Are you really going to use your hair straightener when you are wearing nothing but a bikini top and a sarong for a week? False eyelashes? Puh-lease. Don't be That Gal at the airport with the HUUUGE suitcase full of little bits and bobs that she threw in every time she walked past her suitcase over the past week. Or the gal on holiday in Greece who insists on wearing those plastic stilettos and the super low-cut dress that she got at Primark out to dinner at night, having traversed dirt roads populated with goats to get there. Out of place. Weird.  The best-ever was that time my husband and I were about to get on a flight from Glasgow, and we saw this older couple packing bacon into their carry-on. Actual bacon. You know, the meat kind. Hilarious. I'll bet that was delicious after the four-hour flight to the Canary Islands, sitting there in the overhead compartment, plus travel time to and from both airports.... tonight we will be serving rancid smoky bacon a l' essence de jet fuel, served with a hydraulic fluid coulis. Mmmm.

Anyway, packing no more than a day in advance is a good insurance policy against this kind of thing happening. You simply will not have time to think about where the bacon goes.  

My personal approach is simple. I make a list. Not rocket science, no, but the great thing is that I can start the process at any point, when I have a quiet moment to visualize my closet and its contents. I don’t even have to be home.

Complete with tick-boxes. I'm a crosser-offer. I like the closure, apparently.

Thing is, if you know yourself, know what looks and feels good on you, you really don’t need a lot of stuff. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have that extra space in my bag for stuff I find at the night market than one more pair of shoes.

So here it is, (with the exception of toiletries, sunscreen, DEET, etc), this is the entirety of my Thailand stuff. And this is most likely waaaay more than I will use. And the beauty? I did it in about an hour. And pretty much stuck to the list, with a few change-outs and maybe an added belt.

Center, Beach stuff: Angie maxi dress, gap jersey dress x 2 (one black, one stripes), DVF cover-up, havianas, sun hat, green hemp tote bag for beach and markets, bikinis (3), undies and bras
Clockwise from left: dresses: Micheal Kors linen dress, ASOS cotton dress, sleeveless tops: Isaac Mizrahi Live, New Look x 2,  H&M, Ralph Lauren sleeveless button-down. Dresses: Lilly Pulitzer, Diane Von Furstenburg. T-Shirts: LaRedoute organic cotton x 2, New Look, Lacoste polo. Comfy neutral shoes: Aerosoles x 2, LaRedoute, Bjorn.
Skirts/shorts: H&M shorts, Gap denim pencil skirt and denim mini skirt.

I know that doesn't seem like a lot for two weeks, but this is definitely more than I will need. There is always the laundry, after all. Temperatures will be sky-high, and everything here makes more than one outfit, and the dresses can be dressed up or down, depending on the shoe (we will be in a very casual environment most of the time we are there). I will wear minimal accessories, just a few pairs of easy-to-wear earrings, two of my favourite necklaces, and maybe a ring or two to go with everything.

The carry-on is my favorite part. I love choosing my entertainment for a trip. I will get the iPad filled-up with games, books, and videos (in case the in-flight selection sucks). The Kindle will come-along for beach-reading in the bright sun, and I can't wait to fill it with the latest medical journals and peer-reviewed research articles beach reads filled with love, treachery, spies, and zombies. Not necessarily in that order,  or necessarily all in the same novel. Although that would be an epic, surely. Kind of like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, have you read that? Jane Austin with zombies. Hilarious. If you like that kind of thing. And of course, fashion magazines. Vacation is one of the only times that I can read Vogue and Elle from cover to cover in one go, and I seriously love it. It feels so decadent. I will probably buy a few at the airport too, just to make sure my carry-on weighs about a bajillion kilos.

Speaking of carrying stuff, these will also be coming with.

Left: Coach small cross-body bag for roaming around with, fits nicely in suitcase.
Right: my much-loved Charlie Lapson large olive leather croco tote for a carry-on .

And the best part of all? 

Barely half-full. Thats what I'm talkin' about.
Markets, here I come!


  1. I pack almost exactly the way you do. Separated at birth in so many ways. Except, I am NOT going to Thailand. Boo! I hope you have a wonderful time. 2 whole weeks = glorious.

    1. Thanks for your well-wishes! Loved your interest board! Am planning on doing many of those things over the next few weeks Even the flamingos!

    2. Oops, thats Pinterest, not interest. Autocorrect fail...

  2. I love the lightweight, bright colors you chose for you trip. And *look* at that vintage Coach. Circa 1985? Enjoy! I feel quite jealous.

    1. It is indeed a vintage coach. I think it is more like 93, but back before they started making all those fabric logo bags. Thankfully, they seem to be returning to their roots now in 2012. Their leather offerings have always been their forte, IMO


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