Saving Lives in 3.1 Philip Lim

Warning: this post contains some briefly graphic descriptions of a natural event. Not for the squeamish of stomach. You have been warned.  Now don't be such a princess and read on...this is cool.

Last Saturday, it was a beautiful sunny day here in the west highlands, albeit a bit on the cold side in the wind, so I opted to take my brand spanking-new 3.1 Philip Lim sweatshirt out for a test drive.

Cut away shoulder sweatshirt

I love this sweatshirt.  Lightweight and super-comfy, and just a little bit edgy, its great for the transitional weather of spring, and you don't feel like a schlep because you are in your sweats if someone unexpectedly comes calling.

Moments after putting my new sweatshirt on, my husband decided that we should take the dog up into the hills behind our house for a walk, so I popped on some hiking boots and off we went. As we approached a particularly steep part of the hillside, my husband stopped and said he thought he heard something. We paused for a moment, and I heard it too. A sort of soft thud and the rustling of grass. I looked to my right, just in time to see something falling down the hillside. Something with four legs. It was all loose and limp, and at first I thought it was a dead rabbit. Flying through the air....weird. It landed about five feet up the hill from us, and I went to investigate. It was a baby lamb, covered in blood and goo, having just been born, struggling for his first breaths and steps.

It is the lambing season here in Scotland, so happening upon a newborn lamb is not unusual in and of itself. However, apparently the mother sheep must have backed-up to the edge of the hillside, given birth, looked around and thought..."huh...I could have sworn that I just left something here a minute ago...oh well."...and then carried right on eating, as if nothing had happened. As much as I love animals, I can honestly say that sheep are some of the most idiotic creatures on the planet. They basically have two settings: eating, and panic. This mother sheep chose eating on this particular occasion.

So my brand-new 3.1 Philip Lim sweatshirt and I stayed with the wee lamb while my husband and Fergus, the bearded collie, went to go find the farmer. Luckily, I had a jacket on over my new Philip Lim, because my new little friend was covered in some serious slime, and after his first few attempts at standing on the very steep hillside and my subsequent efforts to keep him from rolling any farther down it,  I was too.

After what felt like hours, my husband finally returned with the farmer, who after inspecting the wee lamb  told us that the little guy would be just fine, and that if we had not seen him, he would surely have died somewhere down the hillside on his own, without his mother's milk.

My only regret is that I did not get any photos of the event during the "rescue".  The subsequent clamber up the remaining portion of the steep hill with a slimy lamb in tow was particularly hilarious. My iPhone was zipped into my jacket, but my husband flatly refused to touch me or anything connected to my person in the state I was in. I wasn't allowed to touch any buttons in the car on the way home either (but kudos to him for allowing me in the car at all). It seems the only creature who was happy to be near me at that point was the dog, and even he regarded me with a wariness in his eye, despite his enthusiasm.

But the Philip Lim sweatshirt escaped with only minor stains around the cuffs. Due largely to this...


I'm not allowed back in the house yet.  I convinced someone to take a snap for posterity.
My jacket is already in the wash.
And the lamb, and the Philip Lim sweatshirt, live on...

A baby lamb. Not the baby lamb, but
one just like him, only cleaner. 


  1. I watched my grandfather deliver a calf when I was a little kid. I mean, from a cow.

    After that, nothing will gross you out. It was actually really, really neat.

    1. Yeah, it was neat. I only wish I had seen the actual for the gross-out factor, I'm a nurse, so there is noting an animal can dish-up that a human can't do that is grosser....

  2. I sympathise - shortly before Easter I had to save a lamb which had ended up against a fence, in a race with my father's Border Terrier - I had to pick it up and hug it close ... and kept thinking about our Easter Sunday lunch. I'm not sure that we actually ate the lamb that I saved... but I can certainly affirm that no-one in our household turned vegetarian as a result.

  3. Fabulous tale :) I particularly like the vision of the mummy sheep, and wow, where you live! Such beauty.

    1. I really is lovely here. And right now we are the only part of the UK not totally under water with rain and flooding. Who would have thought people would have to come to Scotland for a bit of respite from the rain!?

  4. That was a hilarious story! I just discovered your blog, and I hope you follow up with photos of the saved baby lamb and the airhead mom!

    1. I wish I could. The farm that is attached to the land near our house has about 1000 baby lambs that look just like him. the odds of me picking him out are very small indeed. unless he recognises me and lets himself be that would be cool!


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