They Make A Capsule For That, You Know....

The designer capsule collection. Happiness and heartbreak. Love-hate. Yin-Yang. The light and the darkness. Such is my relationship with these designer capsule collections.

You know the ones I mean. The ones that we can't wait to see in stores, but that sell out in about four seconds, leaving you with nary a suggestion of a chance at scoring a cute piece of an affordable collection from a high-end label such as Versace (for H&M), Missoni (for Target), or Marni (H&M again). Giambattista Valli at Macys?  Sure, they have it... left in size double zero only (that's double zero. Is that even a size? After zero shouldn’t you start going backwards, like to negative one or something? Whatever).

The clothes that could have been (in my closet).
Clockwise from left: Missoni for Target, Marni for H&M,  Versace for H&M, Giambattista Valli for Macy's.

It's not that I don't know what I have to do in order to get my hands on some of these pieces. I was there when the Target website crashed (twice) during the launch of the Missoni for Target collection. I had thought myself particularly clever, positioning myself at the computer that afternoon. I had a five hour jump-start on the east coast of America after all, since I was in the UK.

Bzzzzt. Wrong. 

Apparently I, and about a bazillion other people all over the world (many who were likely in their pyjamas), were forced to stare at a graphic of a cute bulldog while the Target Geek Squad worked feverishly to restore the twice-crashed website.  I did get on the site eventually, but once there I felt obligated behave like a pirate and do the e-shopping equivalent of a smash-and-grab pillage in order to secure my piece, lest the website go down again and take me with it....sucked under.....lost....20,000 leagues beneath a sea of cute and affordable bedding and home decor, with only a lone Missoni zig-zag rubber wellie boot bobbing to the surface as a memorial to the fact that I ever existed at all.

Missoni for Target 

I did manage to score a piece of Missoni for Target, in the end. It took about three hours. And it is lovely, the colours are fab, and it is quite well-made for the $29.00 I paid.  I only wish I had felt like I had more time on the day to choose a few other pieces. In my haste, I edited myself more than I meant to. So much pressure

Missoni for Target Vest.
Yaaaaar! Get ye into me closet scallywag!

But I can't help but feel that a little of my self-respect died (twice) that day, along with the Target website. Perhaps it is a reflection of my inner snob, but I generally would not be caught anywhere near a scene like this. 

News Flash: Hordes of the undead descended upon a Target store in New York wait....that's just the launch of the Missoni for Target collection. My bad.
That's Angela and Margheretia Marcapani Missoni outside the launch.  Photo USA

I don't really want to stand in line with 1,500 people who are all going to make a mad dash for the same sweater vest as I am once the starting gun goes off. I want to stroll, to try things on, and feel all the fabrics. Online, I want to put it in my basket, take it out again, think about what shoes I have in my closet...put it back in my basket. In the context of shopping, this smash-and-grab zombie-pirate approach just seems so.....gauche. It sucks the joy right out of the whole shopping experience. I am forty. I tell you with certainty that I am not sleeping in my car in the lot at Topshop or H&M for anyone. Not even you, Donatella. So apparently, I was born to miss out. Plus I live in the Scottish highlands. As they say here, there is nae chance, hen. 

And be certain that just to add insult to injury, you will be seeing celebrities, certain bloggers (who apparently aren't me), and fashion editors all over the internet wearing pieces from the capsule collection that you didn't have a fighting chance at. They were probably either invited to shop before the public launch, or worse yet, got sent these pieces in advance.

Left: Felicity Jones, Drew Barrymore, Frieda Pinto, and Jessica Chastain all in Marni for H&M
Right: Emma Roberts, Ke$ha,  and Chloe Moretz in Versace for H&M

So much for the everyman appeal of the high street capsule collection. Though I know you can still buy some of these pieces on eBay. So at this time, I would like to take a moment to address the person who is selling a $49.99 Missoni for Target cardigan for $178.00 on eBay.....whoever you are, bite me. 

That said, check out The Shops at Target's section dedicated to The Webster. The Webster is a high-end boutique in Miami, and this capsule collection is dedicated to their Miami Beach vibe. It is a kind of Lilly Pulitzer meets Milly's younger daughter kind of a vibe. A little bit of Buffy goes to the seashore,  and very cute for summer. And still available. Apparently you can actually shop the less-hyped labels like a normal human being. So it looks like there is hope for us normal gals yet.  And on that positive note, I will leave you with my pick from The Webster collection at Tar-jay; this cute shift dress.

Deco Print Sheath Dress
The Shops At Target - The Webster


  1. I too reeled in shock at the double zero... until I realized it is only a conceit, such as using the form 02, 04, etc. We must all be conditioned to react defensively to the vagaries of fashion. On the other hand, XXS would appear to be real...


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