Madras! Yesss!

I can't tell you how happily surprised I was to see madras popping-up in the Resort 2013 collections.

10 Crosby, Derek Lam

10 Crosby, Derek Lam
photos Moda Operandi

 Stella McCartney

I have arrived at madras a little later in life, having found it a bit too....boisterous (?) for my more self-conscious years. But as a forty twenty nine (ahem) year old adult, I feel like I finally get it. I get madras. And it gets me. We have a relationship now, and our relationship plays out much like that beach scene in From Here to so much as there is usually water, sand, and I'm tan when it is around. Yeah, that may not be much to base a relationship on, but then, madras is more of a summer fling, really.  More Mr. Right Now than Mr. Right.

I suppose the reality is more pragmatic than all that.  I came to madras perhaps mostly because I have been living in a cold and wet climate. When the madras comes out, it can only mean I am bound for a resort, sailing, a beach holiday, a barbecue, or a great many other warm-weather pursuits....the pursuit of fun....from here to eternity.

See? Fun. Hubby and me in Greece in 2010. He in a Ralph Lauren shirt, I'm in my Cape Madras mini with a Gap shirt. 

Now granted,  the resort 2013 madras isn't your typical patchwork madras (like the one I am wearing in the photo). It's a bit more East Village than that. There is an urban quality to it, and you could easily get away with wearing it to a slightly more formal event or even to the office if you are lucky enough to work in an environment where self expression in fashion is encouraged.

But however you want to play it, whether you are a madras traditionalist who wouldn't dream of trading-in your pastel-hued patchwork, or an urban fashionista who favours the sharp edges and earth tones of Stella McCartney's take for resort 2013, the message madras is sending is clear. Madras says "yes, I believe I am going to enjoy myself here, as evidenced by my jovial display of colour, and thank you, I would love another gin and tonic." 

Sill unsure? Don't have an opportunity to break-out the madras more than a few times a year? I hear you.  I am often hesitant to spend a load of cash on something straight off the runway that will spend quite a lot of time folded neatly in the closet, patiently waiting on my next warm weather adventure. Or perhaps you just can't quite shake that "moving target" feeling you get when you are unaccustomed to wearing a bright print. Whatever your reason for trepidation,  Your Auntie Highland Fashionista can help. Start small. Some of my favourite madras and madras-esque pieces are actually quite small and affordable ones. Think of it as a nod to the genre without the risk of being mistaken for an original cast member of Caddyshack. Here, feast.

Dooney and Bourke Small Handle Drawstring Bag 

Handmade Extra Large Headband on Etsy

Coach Poppy Madras Small Wristlet

And if you're still trying to work up to it, perhaps a little light reading. And perhaps some gin.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a copy of this, I want to know about it! 


  1. I love that Derek Lam jacket. And I usually run in the other direction when madras is involved:).

    1. I used to run like hell at madras as well, but somehow I have just come full circle in my "old age". But If you catch me touting the merits of those cropped pants with the embroidered whales all over them, you may feel free to intervene.

  2. I love the D&B bag. And your skirt.

    1. Thanks Kathy! that bag is seriously calling my name too!

  3. Love the madras blazer. I already have TWO however... so I will keep myself from it (so lame). I also have madras shorts and a madras dress. Love it!

    1. I find myself in good company then. Excellent. Gin and tonic?


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