Raising the White Bag of Surrender

So a few weeks, ago, and after an entire lifetime of resistance, I surrendered to an impulse, and bought a white handbag. I am just now getting around to taking it out for a spin. Okay...really I think it is "bone" and not white....

Dooney and Bourke pebble leather Colette shopper

I have never had a bone white handbag before. I’m not entirely sure how someone who loves both fashion and the breezy nautical looks of summer as much as I do could miss out on a white handbag, but there it is. I suppose it is because I have always been just that wee bit afraid…of myself really. Same with white pants. I must feel that deep-down I simply cannot be trusted with the red wine, the bolognaise sauce, coffee, orange juice, you know. Pretty much anything that isn’t clear. Or air.

But I’m over that now, mostly. I’m going in, guns blazing, into uncharted territory.

I’m not even sure why I am making such a big deal out of this. Maybe somewhere in my childhood, I overheard someone say that white handbags were tacky. Maybe I am just insecure when it comes to styling it. Although goodness knows it is certainly no hardship to style an outfit with a neutral bag. I guess it must just be the newness of it all.  

So this is what I wore with my new bag on its first sortie out of the dust bag and into the world. ..an outfit where I would normally bring out an orange or neutral tan bag. 

Vivienne Tam linen jacket, New Look tee, H&M shorts, Aerosoles peep-toe wedges
And of course, my bag. And yes...shorts! In Scotland! Yay!

when I was looking at white bags, I realised that I was drawn to very simple designs. I like bags where the quality of the leather speaks for itself, and the shape is elegant yet functional.  If I am going to make a proper investment in a bag, I want something that will last a good ten years, thank you very much. I'll save the trendy studded, d-ringed, and rhinestone encrusted (!?) confections for one-off high street purchases that may or may not last the season, but definitely won't break the bank. 

Thinking about a white bag? (You know you are). Here are some lovely options. 

Coach Willis Handbag

                                                    Coach Chelsea leather zip tote


                                             Versace White Monogram Satchel Handbag

Cambridge Satchel Company


  1. I LOVE Cambridge Satchel Company. Their bags are great, too bad they have gone mainstream by being sold here in the States at Bloomingdales! Your outfit is so cute and I love your bone-colored bag.

    1. Thanks! If only I had those lapis Ippolita earrings to complete the look!

  2. I bought an awesome white leather handbag a couple of months ago, it is still in the dustbag. I am waiting for the right day when the weather is perfect, probably a lazy Sunday when I can sit outside with a strawberry daiquiri and I amn going to rock that bad boy! In the meantime I bought a delicious orange leather tote to see me through.......

    1. Aha! So much for being on the handbag wagon...Oddly, this is the first handbag I have purchased in a while. Perhaps because the others I have have lasted so long....but there are still colours I don't have. Red....why don't I have a red one? That may be next.

  3. Everybody needs a red bag!

  4. I love your hair! Just starting to let my hair grow out to gray. Its so nice to someone as beautiful as you who looks fantastic with gray hair.

  5. Oops, I meant to say its nice to see someone as beautiful as you with gray hair!

    1. Many thanks for your kind words. Twice, no less! The tray is still a work in progress, but I only have about a half inch left to go on the ends, and the next haircut is Saturday! Undoubtedly there will be a post...


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