Shoes, It's Your Time To Shine

It is Sunday afternoon as I write this, and I am in my uniform.

No, not that baggy green atrocity that you have seen in previous posts, but this one, you know...the normal one.

On a typical day:  J. Crew sweater, Calvin Klein jeans, Dune sandals
I recently did a post  on how the cropped pant is quickly becoming the new a cropped hemline and a showcased shoe are becoming to the first few decades of the 2000's what the long bootcut was for the 90's.  Naturally, as is the way when you write things down, I was then forced to have a wee think about my own closet, and sure enough, as you might expect, I have fallen in line.

The rolled-up slim jean has become the foundation for my everyday wardrobe. And more to the point, my shoes, only the pointy end of which ever got any glory back in the 90's, are once again getting a chance to have a shot at the spotlight.  Go shoes!

So today I have decided to give my favourite "everyday casual" heels a shot at the glory. These are some of my favourite pairs that I like to wear with cropped and/or rolled-up trousers on those days when you want/need (I use those two words interchangeably when it comes to fashion) to have just that wee modern tweak to your everyday look.

Today's strappy nude sandals by Dune. They go with everything and are comfy as hell. 

Open-toe wedge booties by Kelsi Dagger. When you feel like kicking some serious ass. 

Grey zippered open-toe booties by Sofft. You could do a 5K in these if need be. 

Aldo smooth wedge shooties.  Because the weather often sucks, and your toes just can't be expected to take it.

Leather sandals by All Saints. For  dinner  out, drinks,  and the like.

So there you are.  I am all about the strappy-sandal, an unusual wedge, or a "shootie" that can take you from season to season. And while I do wear my ballet flats and driving loafers when the need arises, I always find myself gravitating back to my casual heels when the spectre of being seen in public arises.

As many often ask me, why do I want to wear heels when I am already 5'11''?

The answer is.......well....because.

Just, because.  


  1. I love your whole outfit (not to mention that beautiful view). Your uniform is similar to my typical outfit, except my crops are less tapered, and I tend to get cankles this time of year, so I wear shoes with as long a vamp as possible so the topline is practically at toe-cleavage level. I would love to be able to wear more strappy sandals. *sniffle* They just don't work as well in winter ;) when my ankles are slim.

    Rolled up jeans, though. Such retro, happy memories when I fit into size 26 Levis 501s!

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I love the simplicity of clean, preppy lines like J Crew and the like. And yes, summer can be a challenging time for ankles, if not for the heat, definitely for the bug bites!

  2. I approve! Of both your thinking and your shoes:).

  3. Think I'm addicted to this blog now. It used to be handbags. I'm hoping this works out cheaper.

    1. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. That is the highest compliment a new blogger can get! And funny, I am planning a few handbag in the very near future. Or should I not have told you that?

    2. Oops, I meant handbag posts. Although I will invariably plan a few handbags in researching said post...

  4. The scenery there is amazing, I need to get out of Dodge.

  5. Love the outfit at the very top! Cute shoes and love the stripes :)

  6. Thanks! that's one of my favourite sweaters.

  7. Oh, I love that look on you. But bootcuts and pointy-toed boots are SO much more flattering on my particular body type. Do you think they are out, completely? Maybe I'm gonna have to figure out some other way to update my jeans looks.... And yes, I envy your view, too! I was lucky to spend a few days in your town back in the 1980s. Fabulous.

  8. i think boot cuts will always be in. The pointiness of the shoe notwithstanding. I keep a few pairs myself, as they are just so easy. Look grab with tunics in summer. I also think some of the boxier short jackets look better with boot cuts than with skinnies.

  9. Lovely shoes. The best thing about them is the low heel. I absolutely do not like stiletto heels or anything spindly. I prefer low heels or no heels at all. They give me the freedom to walk as fast as I want to. However to each her own ;-) Love the colors on all of these.


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