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Here in the UK, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee festivities,  marking sixty years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, are drawing to a close. Unless you have been living under some sort of large rock, you will have seen, heard, or even attended some of the festivities by now. If you haven't, you can get caught-up here.

My husband and I attended a wedding, our third in about four weeks, this past weekend during the Jubilee.  It was a really festive event, and the atmosphere was sizzling with fun.  But the thing that really stole the show, despite every inch of free space being festooned with celebratory Union Jack bunting, some intensely fun and bruising highland dancing, and impromptu gatherings breaking-out all over the place......was the Scottish weather.

I know, right? How often are we able to make that claim!?

So without further ado, some snaps from our journey to Applecross, Scotland. First of all.....

Okay? There you go.
Map courtesy
So now you have a frame of reference. We drove from our house, which if you are looking at Fort William on that map, you can find us by tracing down the coastline along the loch, in a southerly direction, stopping right before it begins to split into islands and stuff. But whatever you do, don't be fooled by those straight-ish red lines. Roads here don't look like that. They look like this. 

The road to Applecross

And arriving at our destination.

the Applecross Inn

A room with a view

What has this to do with fashion, you ask?  Well, when you live somewhere that endures horizontal driving rain, months of darkness, and a year-round need for tweed and wellies, you come to realise that there is nothing so chic as the smile that results from taking a moment to appreciate all that is around you.

That is all. Until next instalment, then.


  1. Love the views and the map was helpful. I know where most countries are but beyond the outline I'm lost. Fun to see the details.


  2. Replies
    1. I's drool-worthy. I also found a J Crew Downtown Utility Jacket (left behind by an American tourist?) brand-new with the tags still on at a charity shop on the way home for ten pounds, so life is good.

  3. Hi, just discovered your blog - it's fab! I'm a Scottish lass based in Glasgow who discovered the West Highlands last year and fell in love. xx


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