A (Very) Brief Ode To A Lobster

I absolutely love the fashion house Tibi. Their clean, modern cuts combine beautifully with prints that make you go woo-hoo, and always with a reference or two to the natural world.  So it should come as no surprise that I went completely berserkatroid-nutso when this crossed my path early last week.

Lobster Easy Dress by Tibi, resort 2013 collection
currently at Moda Operandi

I love this. Absolutely love it. And that is precisely why I am not going to talk about it for very long. I suspect a lot of people love this dress too. Fashion lovers being the wiley and intuitive bunch that they are will already have in their heads what I am about to put to paper. Or screen, as it were.

The lobster is not only known as a clasically preppy icon of easy childhood summers in New England aboard one's yacht (as one does when one grows-up landlocked in the middle of Wisconsin). Nay, it is not only a motif to be worn on a plastic bib or embroidered upon a seersucker pantleg. It is also a motif that has a long and glorious history, perhaps best remembered in this incarnation.

Elsa Schiaparelli's famous 1937 collaboration with Salvador Dali created the Lobster Dress

So there it is then. I will press the issue no more. It's back. And I'm in the mood for shellfish. The end.


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