Casual Pearls: Rocking The Single Strand

I absolutely love pearls. Ultimately, I suppose I'm drawn to the idea that they are a natural occurrence that results in something so unique and beautiful.  Wikipedia defines the creation of a pearl as the oyster's defense mechanism against irritating invaders and parasites. Don't you wish the rest of us were so lucky? Can you imagine how great it would be for us pearl lovers to have a wee pearl or two pop out of your ear every time you were irritated by an irritating invader or a parasite? Wouldn't that be freakin' amazing?!  Some days, I imagine I would be raining pearls nonstop. People would be falling all over the place, and it would be awesome. But I digress.

The thing of it is, that despite my love for this most classic of classics, I find myself struggling with how to wear my beloved single-strands. Sure, it seems like a no-brainer, but every time I get dressed for an occasion, fully intending on finishing my look with just a single strand, I buckle. When I am dressed in say, a cocktail dress or even dressed for a wedding, I always feel that wearing a single strand with my dress seems a bit too prim to be truly me. So I usually take it off again and go with a pair of 9mm pearl or gemstone studs and maybe a cocktail ring or bracelet instead. I guess I feel that this way I am still minimalistic with my accessories (which I like), but not feeling like such a foregone conclusion.

As a result, I have taken to wearing my single strands casually. And I'm not talking business casual or even "elegantly casual" (as they say on the cruise ships), I mean cas-u-al. Like, flip-flop casual. I love my pearl strands with a t-shirt, an informal button-down, or a tank. I like the juxtaposition of high-low, and to be honest, if you find yourself in a "social pinch", all you really need to do is add a jacket or cardi and change your shoes (maybe) and you could be camera-ready, more or less.

Honora rondel-pearl necklace. See a similar one here.

Cotton t-shirt LaRedoute. See a similar one here. Diamond studs my own.

Black baroque ringed-pearl necklace (gift). See a similar one here. .

Tommy Hilfiger shirt , Old Navy shorts and belt.

Honora multicoloured  baroque ringed-pearl strand. See a similar one here.

H&M tank, Old Navy shorts. 
So that's me then. But enough about me.

Let's talk about you.  How do you wear your pearls?


  1. I like the the first one the most, it's really as simple as it gets :) I have a lovely little (fake) pearl bracelet, that I wear once in a while. Also, thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog :)
    Bowtie Diary

    1. You're welcome Piia, and I am still drooling after that pastel look that you were wearing in the post I commented on.

  2. Such a great post and quite funny. I too struggle with the single strand pearl necklace, and have taken to wearing mine the same way.
    Jeans, tee shirt or oxford, and pearls. I agree, a bit too prim with a dress - I always end up taking them off. They look really great with a v-neck tee and a blue jean jacket - my favorite way to wear them. Thanks!

  3. Pearls should be worn often and cleaned gently, kept away from sweat, makeup, and perfume. If you struggle with the dress occasion, why not wear them as a headband? I think they might work with your unusual hair color. Or get a little extender and double the strand as a bracelet. I can't wear many necklaces because I feel choked, but bracelets are a good way to show off your "jools". And the casual look with pearls is common over here. When most of us wear jeans or casual clothes, when else are you going to wear the good stuff?

    1. Exactly. What's the point in "saving it" for good if the good only comes once in a blue moon?

  4. I'm weird about pearls. I'll spare you the neurosis:)/

    1. I would love to hear about pearl neurosis, because I suffer from some form of it also - go for it!

  5. I wear mine every day! I have pearl earrings that are pretty large (9mm) and they look great with anything. Also, wear my necklace with everything too. I love white pearls best of all. Pearl is my birthstone and I have so many different kinds of jewelry with pearls in them.


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