It's July, Time To Make The Mittens

First of all, a heartfelt happy 4th of July to all of my fellow Americans out there,  no matter where you may be. If you, like me, live here in the UK, your day will be likely absent of the numerous opportunities for fireworks, potato salad, and bottles of beer that dominate the 4th of July atmosphere back home. Needless to say, the celebration of American independence from British rule is not a widely-celebrated holiday over here in the UK. Go figure.  We've got the beer thing down though, thankfully.

But while the rest of you are basking in the warm glow of summer, taking in a barbecue or perhaps just sitting in your sun-lounger with a Long Island iced tea in your hand (sigh), the Highland Fashionista is busy focusing on another of her recreational summer activities. Today, I finished knitting some wooly mittens.

The Sharapova mitts - more on the name in a minute

I realise that most of you are likely sweltering away in 100-degree July heat, and that my very mention of something wooly has just given you cause to look skyward fan yourselves even harder than you already were doing when you starting reading this post.  But if you have been following Wimbledon this year, where windy conditions prevail and play has been stopped and matches suspended repeatedly for rain, you will know what I am talking about.  It is because of this that I make an effort to inject some sunshine and colour into my otherwise bleak day, and I knit. Because nothing says summer in Scotland like a pair of bright fuchsia mitts.  Look, even people who were lucky enough to go to Wimbledon were inspired by the crapola weather enough to want to knit something wooly.

Knitting during the Murray-Baghdatis match
Photo courtesy BBC & The Daily Mail

This photo is the shot that was heard around the world. People were aghast, Twittter was, well, atwitter with people incensed that someone would actually have the cheek to bring her knitting to a tennis match. "What if the players saw!?" screeched the commentators as they clutched their collective pearls. Apparently the guys in the stands with neon yellow tennis ball hats and bright orange t-shirts that spelled-out Muray (apparently the guy wearing the other "r" was in the loo?),  they're not a distraction to the players,  nor are the people on their 4th and 5th glass of Pims distracted in any way, but to knit....that is a whole other matter indeed. How dare she?! I am overcome with the vapours just thinking about it.

The fact of the matter is, I did it too. And I'm still doing it. I love tennis to the point where an off day where my footwork is slow or my backhand is all wrong (yesterday) will send me into a a spiral of fear and depression. But for me, as it is for many of us, knitting is something that you can do while something else is happening. Like watching Wimbledon. It's called multitasking people, and though I wouldn't dream of starting a new chapter in The War Between the Sexes by suggesting that we of the fairer sex may be better suited to this style of getting things done (or maybe I just did), I will say that for every quiet knitter sitting in a crowd (any crowd), there are an equal number of ill-behaved children that we are all expected to tolerate, obnoxious know-it-alls who have had too much to drink,  or just people who have fallen asleep, of which there have been several this year (and in years past) that have been caught on camera.

So in a show of solidarity to the Wimbledon knitter, I am going to showcase some of my favourite pairs of mittens, past and present, that I have knitted, almost exclusively while doing something else, be it riding an airplane, sitting by the pool, or yes, watching a professional tennis match.

To the Wimbledon knitter: Solidarity sister! I'm with you girl, and if the BBC commentators have something to say about it, they can bring it on.... bearing in mind that we are usually carrying pointy sticks.


Chunky Raspberry Sleeves

Leftovers Mitts

B Flat Blues Sleeves


  1. The mittens are gorgeous. It is 100 degrees here in Texas, and I would totally wear these to stay warm in my office, where it is air conditioned to the level I call, Ice Station Zebra.

    1. Aaah yes...that's something I actually miss about American summers. You're out in it all day, then you go out for the night and spend your entire evening trying to pull your wee cardigan over your sun-baked shoulders because the AC in the movie theatre is so cold...

  2. I like the sailor mitts - and missed the Wimbledon knitting debacle. Suppose it's handy to have something to do when rain stops play!

    1. Indeed. I think the Wimbledon thing died a death, despite the best efforts by the press to make a big hairy deal out of it.

  3. I wish I could knit. These are great. I also dont know what all the fuss is about. I know the commentators have had so much down time they are bored out of their skull and have nothing else to talk about. I do however wish it were sunny for a while for a change. Xxxx

  4. I found you reading sites on going grey/silver. Am now reading everything you have written. You are so funny, "clutching their collective pearls!) I know this post us years old, but am enjoying reading all your posts.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, and thanks for reading! I sometimes feel like I'm talking to myself on this thing (which to be fair, I suppose is why I started it in the first place), so it's great to hear that there is actually someone out there on the other end.


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