Lace From Space

Today while doing a little internet browsing at one of my favourite high-street retailers, Zara, I think I may have found a happy solution to my fear of lace.

Yes, I have a fear of lace. I tend to have a fear of anything hyper-girly because I think it is going to look ridiculous on my nearly 6-foot frame. I know that thought in and of iteself is ridiculous, but phobias tend to be irrational, don't they?

But check these out....

photos Zara

There is an almost space-age quality to these, probably because of the mock turtle neckline. The first one with the long sleeves looks like it could almost be a part of Uhura's formal dress-white Starfleet uniform.  and that is exactly why I like it. There is a bit of an edge....a toughness to it that is hidden in there amongst the ruffled sleeves and the lace ribbon trim.

The second one is a little softer, but a perfect pairing with distressed denim shorts, as seen here, or even a tough leather pant.

So am I completely cured of my fear of lace? Probaly not. I'm going to the city tomorrow, and am intending on going into the shop and trying these on. I think it is important to have a dry run before committing fully. Wouldn't want to jump in too fast and have a full-on lace-induced panic attack now, would we?


  1. Love #2, though I hate that her pockets show from the hem of her shorts.


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