Minty Fresh Simplicity

Continuing on with what has apparently become International Pants Week here at Highland Fashionista HQ,  I would just like to issue a (very) brief acknowledgement of a sentiment I expressed earlier last week.  The minty denim trousers, the companion piece to my hot pink pants in my ongoing effort to inject some life into the bottom half of my daily sartorial efforts, have arrived via post. And they are totally fun. A perfect way to feel like you are doing something interesting without being totally overdressed. Perfect for those of us who live in casual remote areas. Behold the minty fresh simplicity.

Random, yes. My hydrangeas are blooming and I wanted to show somebody. 

Shirt, thrift store find, but I think it is Marks and Spencer
Pants,  New Look
Snakeskin belt, thrift store find, but heres a lovely one by Vince Camuto
Wedge shoes (old),  Aerosoles

That is all.


  1. So fun with the wedges! Minty green is a great springtime as well as summer color. I think it would also look great in the dead of winter when you want a pop of color in a nice icy color. :-) Good choice.

  2. I am totally going for the turquoise jeans I saw Elsewhere today. I love the minty green/bright blue combo.


    1. Do it! Definitely. You won't regret it. I am contemplating a THIRD pair...

  3. That last photo is just gorgeous. You look stunning.

    1. *blushing* Thanks! A very cheesy pose but the background is enough of a distraction...I'm hoping people won't notice!

  4. Your hair looks so nice! I am starting to look like a badger with my gray growing in. Love to look at your site and you look so cute!



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