New (Old) Shoes!

Omigosh! You guys! Check out these amazing vintage moccasins I found on Ebay!

These are made by Circle S, which I believe is a westernwear company, so apparently I am now the proud new owner of a pair of western moccasins (Yee-haaa!). They are made in Brazil, look like they have never been worn, buttery-soft leather, comfortably soft lining with arch support, hand stitching, leather sole...these are all marks of quality that you rarely see these days in retail shops. Needless to say, I am very excited, what with my having the thrift store gene and all.

I love the classic look of a two-tone loafer or moc with a plain button-down and rolled jeans. I like the play on menswear, it's a little bit retro, and a very climate-friendly look for those of us who are not always able to go with the open toes.  And they were in my size...very rare for a vintage pair of shoes. It always seems like vintage shoes are tiny, doesn't it? You always find that perfect pair of vintage Prada mules and they are like, a size -3, as if for a child... or maybe one of Santa's elves. Anyway, these fit like a glove. So clearly not tiny.

Since so many have asked, that is the Sound of Kerrera in the background, and the hills in the background
off my right shoulder is the Isle of Kerrera. The far-off bit of land over my left shoulder is the Isle of Mull,
 part of the Inner Hebrides,  off theWest Coast of Scotland.  And that concludes the tour. Please pass
through the giftshop when you leave. Shirt: Lilly Pulitzer, Jeans: Calvin Klein


  1. Those are cool, but if you do see any Prada's in mice-sizes, feel free to send them my way--it's not easy to score US 6 or 6.5 either, sigh. Makes the triumph all the better when you do though!

  2. I love your glasses-- what's the brand? And what a great view!

    1. They are Osiris glasses from Specsavers in Glasgow. Only pair of women's frames in the entire shop big enough for my huge head.

  3. Lovin those shoes!

  4. Pale Blue StockingAugust 15, 2012 at 1:48 PM

    Love all the detailing on those shoes - how the little cross stitches on tassles are repeated on the vamp(is that the right word?)

    Struggling to find a good segue here but - delighted to hear you confirm your fabulous view as featuring Kerrera. I thought I recognised it. Way back, when I was an undergrad, and dinosaurs ruled the earth, I went on a geography field trip to Scotland. Three nights in a Glasgow knocking shop (due to an oversight by the departmental administrator) followed by three nights in Oban. For reasons I can no longer remember, four of us had to cross to Kerrera, split up and each survey a quarter of the island's coastline. Now a postgrad (I'm a very slow learner), I still cannot work out what we were meant to achieve. But I do know that I had one of the most blissful days ever. Maybe that was what it was all about...

    Lucky you to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

  5. AWESOME mocs! You were lucky to find them.... And with the casual look of the jeans and the white shirt it just all comes together perfectly!


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