Shopping With The Highland Fashionista: Vacation Day 2

Had a lovely day shopping in Glasgow, a rare treat as it is two and a half hours of twisty highland roads away from where we live. I found a few things, and did a lot of laughing as well. Mostly at myself. Mostly.

This first pic is a rack of Cosby sweaters at Urban Outfitters in Glasgow. Seriously.

The green dress...super cute from H&M ....tragic fabric. No dice

The jersey body con floral dress was fun, but not really me. But it's nice to see some colour still exists on the high street.

The floral tank came home with me.

And there I am, in my snake fancy pants.

Flying today. See you in Athens.



  1. I nearly bought that green dress but it sticks to your legs when you walk. Nightmare! They had a pretty ruffled vest top in the same colour so I bought that instead.


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