First of all, if you are a person who really, truly has that kind of a reaction to snakes, you should stop doing that immediately. Snakes are beautiful and misunderstood. Here is a link to The Center for Snake Conservation to help you get over it and move on to fearing real things, like lycra leggings.

Second of all, I have new snake pants. Yep.  So International Pants week here at Highland Fashionista HQ is rapidly becoming International Pants Month (I do think about other things, I assure you. Sometimes I think about t-shirts...or maybe socks).

These just sort of happened. I was in a Glasgow shopping centre, feeling sort of despondent over the overall quality of the fabrics and cuts that were on offer. Lots of sheer, flammable material,  and not a lot else. We've all been there. I wasn't really looking for anything at all. Just hoping that something would jump out and inspire me.

I wandered into H&M with an open mind. They always have affordable plays on trends that won't make you feel like an arse for spending a fortune when, a season later, you can't remember what you were thinking when you made the purchase. I even thought I was being silly when I took the python-printed cream skinny jeans off of the sale rack and into the dressing room, certain that they would make my thighs look like the trunks of two giant albino California redwoods.

But actually...

I liked them. A lot, actually. They fit well, and they debunk a few myths that I always thought were true about printed pants as a genre.  I have taken the effort of listing these myths below for your ease of reference.

  1. Printed pants make your legs (and ass) look huge. Nope, although I suppose it depends on the print.  The lovely thing about snake print is that it runs vertically, and is quite elongating to the legs. 
  2. It is difficult to pair a printed pant with anything other than a plain top.  Nonsense. I actually had a fuchsia cabled sleeveless cashmere sweater on with these pants before the photos,  and I would have kept it on had I not spilled almond milk all down the front of it. Python works really well for pattern and texture mixing, because of its subtle gradients. 
  3. Snakeskin pants are best left to the under-thirty crowd.  Shut up. You clearly have no idea who you are talking to. 
So there it is. My new snake pants...a happy, happy accident. Just like the song says, it goes to show you never can tell. 

In conclusion, there will be a few of you who are undoubtedly confused as to why a 40 year-old professional sans children owns a stuffed snake. 

I borrowed it from somebody. 

Fergus the bearded collie claims his property. It has a squeaker in the head and the tail. 

The Sum of All The Parts

Pants - H&M python-print skinny jeans
Tank - New Look


  1. ~love the pants
    ~love the natural color play
    ~love your photos and backdrops


  2. YOU are a nut. Love the pants and even at my age would soooo totally wear them. And nope... not going to go look at any snakes. We get enough of them here in our yard and no no no... me no likey snakey.

  3. Your response to myth #3 is one for the ages - I'm writing it in my diary : > You look fabulous in snakeprint trousers. And your doggie is adorable!

  4. Snakes freeeeeak me out. But somehow with this post I am feeling a bit kindred to them. At least to wear their skin in some great fitting pants like yours. ;)

  5. Thanks for the misconceptions on the did prove them wrong and you look fabulous in these! But I've grown up in rattlesnake country and there is nothing you can say that will make me feel better about snakes! The pants though are incredible!

  6. Hysterical as usual! Those pants are AWESOME!
    Sheree x

    1. thanks everyone for the lovely comments. That one was fun to do!

  7. Too funny. :)
    You look incredible. The pants fit perfectly.

  8. Well, you look great in them! I'll have to give patterned jeans a go. I'm always scared they'll make me look huge!

  9. Whoa, they do make your legs look looong! And, those are some serious snake handling skills you've got.

  10. Awesome! Must be nice to be tall ...


  11. Hey, I am 60 and I would wear snakeskin pants if I could find them to fit me. You look fabulous in them. Love your doggie!

  12. Gorgeous look, love your pants

  13. I love the snake print jeans they fit you perfectly and you worked them really well. You wrestling with the dog over the snake made me chuckle.

  14. It's snake print is just awesome looking. Love it.

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