The Biggest Decision I Hope To Have To Make Today

Its consequences of which could be devastating if I get it wrong...

Which of these colours do I want to paint my toenails for my upcoming Greek sailing holiday? 

This is my stash. My entire stash.  Only nine. When did that happen?

Is it shallow? Of course. But I defy any style-conscious gal to hold her hand up and say (while taking a polygraph, naturally) that she has not considered the exact same thing before embarking on a holiday.  I pack light, and I'm only taking one for dire repair emergencies only.

It is a sailing holiday. We are chartering a boat, then taking a few days afterwards to chillax, then (the reason I need it in the first place) returning to Scotland for a wedding the very next day, no time to go home first.  So you can see just how much pressure this poor little nail colour is under. It has to hold up to sun, sea, the deck of a boat, most likely some chlorine, a spilled gin and tonic or two, more sand, even more sea, and then some high, open-toed shoes and a lot of dancing. So you see? This is a big deal.

There can be only one.

This one.
Revlon One Perfect Coral
still wet, no less....and as sloppily applied as ever.

So that's it. Decision made. No going back now. Leaving tomorrow night, but do not despair. The Highland Fashionista has plenty of material lined-up for you while she is away, and depending on internet access, you may expect some dispatches from the boat as well.

Μέχρι την επόμενη φορά!


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