The Last of the Summer Shorts

There is some seriously lovely weather going on right now in the highlands, and like always when the sun is shining and the weather is balmy, people can't stop talking about how it is all going to come to a screeching halt very, very soon. "Make the most of it" they say, "because next week it's supposed to be pretty wet."  So here we all are, the sun blazing down, the light reflecting off of the sea and bouncing off the rolling green cliffs of the highlands, and yet we must all start to think about joining the queue for the long, slow death march back to apocalyptic weather and waterproof outerwear. I think not.

Nope,  I am going to stay outside and wear my two new pairs of thrift store shorts that I found. And I am going to shoot photos directly into all of this brilliant sunshine (rightly or wrongly), simply because I can.  If next week is going to turn into an extended scene from The Day After Tomorrow,  I want to have worn my new shorts for a little while before I die of exposure. 

Shirt:  Lilly Pulitzer, Shorts (thrifted): J. Crew, Belt: H&M

Sandals: Dune

Shorts (thrifted): Tommy Hilfiger, Jacket(old): Nannette Lepore, Tank: New Look


  1. I particularly like that second outfit. Very nice. Also, I do appreciate that you share the lake in the background:). Is that your house? What is it like, if you don't mind my asking?

    1. It is not as majestic as the view. That is actually the Sound of Kerrera outside, looking over to the Isle of Kerrera, and beyond that Isle of Mull, all part of the inner Hebrides islands. If you were to keep going south down the sound of Kerrera, you would enter the sound of Jura and then on into the Atlantic stop, New York! Or maybe Nova Scotia. The houses on my street used to belong to a big estate house at the end of the road that was converted into a school. Our wee houses were "council hoises" (subsidized) that were m,eant for the teachers at the school. The school is now an outdoor center, and all of the houses privately owned. It is very small, but perfect for the two of us and the animals.

  2. I'm not a wearer of shorts, but your thrifted finds are wonderful and playful. Especially like the bright flowery ones!

    Great sandals too.

  3. Love the shoes, and LOOOOOVE the shorts- especially the last pair. Great gams by the way.

  4. Those shorts are adorbs..and you go in the moment :)
    Sheree x

  5. Both outfit are very lovely! Love the patterns on those shorts, and what a great thrift finds they were!


  6. You look the picture of summer style! Enjoy your weather and that absolutely stunning view!

  7. I love your attitude about the good times - let them stretch on as long as possible! Your new shorts are simply fab. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday and have a wonderful day.

  8. I'm loving these shorts. The patterns are great and they look fabulous on you. Hope you have some more sunny days!

  9. Love those shorts! And yes, one cannot die of icky weather until one has first enjoyed the pretty weather in pretty shorts! ;)

  10. You look lovely in both outfits and the view is stunning! Fingers crossed for some more sun..


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