The Look That Is Clearly Trying To Tell Me Something

A while back, when some of the fall ready-to-wear collections were becoming available for pre-order, I found myself lingering for quite some time on this look by Derek Lam.

photo courtesy The Cut

I love the elegance of this look. It manages to have a louche sophistication about it without being too dressed. The top, in particular really held my attention, with all of its hand-knitted chunkiness, wee side vents, and slight shirttail hem....okay, you can't see that part in this photo, but trust me, it's there. Ideally, I would probably try to re-create this look with a skirt with a little less volume. A sort of 90's floor-length loose a-line type thing. But thats just me. I've always been afraid of long, full, Dirndl-like skirts....I feel like if I take my eye off the ball even for a minute, I will be pairing my dirndl skirt with a sweatshirt with a picture of a cat on it and forgetting to take the rollers out of my hair before I get on the bus.

But in the end, I didn't order it (the Derek Lam that is, not the cat sweatshirt). I just couldn't bring myself to spend over a grand on a (albeit fabulous) knit sweater tank that looks vaguely like one I think I owned back in the late 80s, and a skirt I'm sure I could find in a slightly less expensive permutation.

So fast-forward to today.  I was browsing a slideshow of some of the trends for fall on NY Magazine's The Cut....and there it was. The Derek Lam look was back. And it was looking right at me.

So clearly the universe is trying to tell me something. And that something is, that I should not only make that attempt to re-create this look after all, but I should also start to think about other ways I can expand my horizons and incorporate this louche long look into my wardrobe vernacular.

See how I did that there? Some people see the Virgin Mary in their burnt toast, Haley Joel Osment sees dead people......I see outfits.

So this is what I came up with that was already in the closet. The skirt is
actually a silk chiffon halter dress by Max & Cleo that I found on Ebay. The top, a sleeveless mock
turtleneck from Dana Buchman that I have had since the 90's, and an H&M belt. 

And some Enzo Angiolini (past season) gladiator sandals to keep it more casual

In winter, I will wear this out to dinner with some motorcycle boots and a cropped leather jacket.  But it's too warm for that today. Yep. Even in Scotland.

This is a really fun outfit to wear. It makes you feel all dancy and floaty and feminine, and you walk a little straighter and point your toes a little.....pointier.

...oooh! That gives me an idea!! Quick! You guys!! Who am I!?....come on all you culture nerds out there......guess who I am??

Okay. Time's up! Pencils down! Please submit your answer to the comments, where our culture expert in-residence may or may not be standing by, depending on whether or not she is watching last week's episode of Project Runway on iTunes.


  1. Martha Graham?

    Really enjoy your blog. I guess because we have many things in common. Well, at least artist and knitter, American. Why did you move to Scotland the land of the Brave? Did I miss that post?

  2. I was going to say Isadora Duncan, but it's Martha Graham, as Sandy so correctly pointed out. Love your blog, and I am totally jealous of the two-tone loafers in a recent post!

    1. Yep...Martha Graham....ding ding ding! I was trying this look on in front of the mirrir and I thought I looked like Martha Graham with her big skirts....except mine doesn't quite have enough fabric for the big dramatic leg sweep...

  3. But you did look graceful. That's saying a lot! (G)

  4. I think this outfit is wonderful - I esp love how your bow pops out at the back of the top just to bring out the color some more!

  5. Really lovely. You're so creative. I have a question: the bow is that one detail that made me gasp---how did you do it? Is it the belt from the skirt or just something you made? Did it stay tucked in so only the bow shows?
    I'm really enjoying your blog and so glad I found it!

    1. First of all, thanks for the lovely comment. The bow is actually the tie from the halter part of the dress. To see the dress without the sweater top, you can search for a post called "I heart EBay" ...I featured it on there once.

  6. LOVELY post!

    Follow each other???

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  7. It's a gorgeous look to copy I could see why you would want to! I love what you did, it looks effortless!
    Sheree x


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