Desert Island Products For Regular Gals

The true test of what you really need on a beach or sailing vacation happens when you are actually there. All of the fancy schmancy serums, BB creams, and other "multitasking" products that seem like such a perfect idea when you are packing tend to sit idle, still in the airline-friendly Ziploc baggie. The reality is, like those around you, you can't really be bothered with faffing-about and use as little "stuff" as possible.

The magazines are always making those "desert island" lists of products you might want when stranded, adrift in paradise, as it were. Beauty editors are always putting things like £80 scented candles and £150 pots of sea kelp moisturising creme on their lists, a complete load of poppycock for most of us, and a clear indicator that these people do not vacation in the same way I do. When you are in the middle of nowhere, on the ocean or otherwise, why not take advantage of the fact that nobody can see you and break out the cheap stuff? And scented candles? Honey, please. You're gonna burn the place down with that carry-on. The med already smells like sage, what more do you need?!

So for those of us who prefer a more pragmatic approach, behold the following.

The Tresemme split-mend leave-in treatment on the left is my new miracle product, replacing the expensive exotic oils I have been putting on my hair. It's fairly new, and it works. Big plus, it's whitish-clear and won't turn platinum or silver hair yellow like Moroccan (argan) oil does.

Palmers original cocoa butter body lotion is available in just about every country imaginable, and though it's not the cheapest in the drugstore, it is reliable, has a luxurious texture, and a little goes a long way.

ASDA sunscreen (UK only people, sorry). Inexpensive, easy to apply, and I haven't been burnt in years using this stuff. Seriously. SPF 30...check it out.


  1. You're right on! Scented candles in luggage? Please, get real.

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    1. I wish it were....I think that is built into the Blogger platform, but Inwill look into it and see.

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