Thakoon Addition Maxi Dress

My Thakoon Addition maxi dress arrived today. It is from the fall collection, and it has exceeded my expectations.

The material is a fantastic, gauzy-linen-wool and it floats around the body making you feel pretty. It also is an amazing mix of tribal-esque prints (something that Thakoon excels at, making him one of my very favourite designers), and all sorts of interesting detail....quasi-ruffles and flaps and whatnot. That is, of course, the technical fashion term for it....flaps.


And the back is a racer back! I love me a racer back!


This is a forever piece that I can wear in every season with just a change of a layer. Today I just returned from tennis, so my underlayer is a very classy (and very grimy) weather-inappropriate athletic tank bra.  I know. Gross, right? I was just so excited to try on the dress that I didn't bother to layer properly.  But this dress looks amazing with sandals in summer, or can easily be the foundation for something spectacular in the colder months.

Nine west boots (last season)

Addidas Stella McCartney Jacket

What is also super great about a maxi dress is that the garment itself is easily able to balance out some serious statement jewellery, so you can really pile it on...something I rarely do as I am essentially lazy when it comes to styling, avoiding anything that is too fussy. I also decided to go with the no-makeup red lip look.  Again, laziness. One product as opposed to fifteen.

Red Jasper ring from an art fair (Indonesian?), various and sundry silver bracelets from my collection. 

L'oreal Fatal Red lipstick, silver earrings (old)

So there it is. The Thakoon Addition maxi dress. Better than expected, fun, and as it turns out, nearly impossible to get a clean photograph of that doesn't have a giant bearded collie head in it.  You guys would die laughing of you saw how many shots I had to take to finally get one without a beardie head in it.  The iPhoto "crop" function key got quite a workout today.

Air kisses as to not leave red lipstick marks on Fergus and his giant beardie head. 


  1. Love that maxi dress - such a pretty print!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Love your style and your Looks are so fantastic!
    You have to try yourself on Lookly:

  3. That dress looks amazing on you! I love that it has flaps but they aren't bulky flaps. You look gorgeous.

  4. Fab: the writing, the style, the commitment to the blog and, not to forget, the dog. Your no-make up red lip is tops


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