Vacation Inspiration: Turquoise Meets Coral

Look, I know that we are all supposed to be thinking about fall right now. I just plowed my way through the September issues of US Vogue and UK Elle, and I see the leather influences, the 90s revival chunky shoes, and the menswear-inspired dressing, and I'm mostly excited about it. Okay, maybe with the exception of the thick-soled Doc Martens I saw in a spread in Elle UK. Really!? A return to burgundy-lipsticked Hot Topic teenage angst goth!? Surely not...

Anyway, the point is, it's like ninety-freakin' degrees in Greece right now, and I am not thinking about leather and burgundy lipstick. I have a few vacation days left, and I am still obsessing about turquoise, as I always do, and now we can add coral to the mix as well.

At home I would not even think to walk through town in a bright coral polo dress and flat sandals, but that's the beauty of vacation. With these surroundings as a backdrop, it just seems right.


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